What's All the Crowing About?

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    Since the Dems ran as conservatives and moderates in Red State America, seeing how they govern will be fun to watch.

    A Typical Midterm
    By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., American Spectator
    November 10, 2006

    We might well ask why the media's near hysterics? To be sure there was enormous effort made by both parties, but in the end only some 40% of the electorate turned out and that was about normal for a midterm election. Once again the ordinary Americano is more sensible than the Washington elites. The 60% that does not vote is usually pretty much satisfied with the way things are. The economy is sound. No grave issue fevers the Republic, save for one, an issue that very much fevers the Washington elites. Namely, an Old Order is passing and fighting desperately to maintain its dominance in the political culture.

    The Democrats' victories do not signal a liberal recrudescence in the Republic. Many of the incoming Democrats ran as conservatives. That is because the conservative drift of the country continues. As many as two dozen of the newly elected Democrats ran affirming traditional social values, low taxes, or other conservative desiderata. In the long term things continue to look bleak for the Old Order.

    Bob Casey, the candidate who beat Senator Rick Santorum, is a social conservative whose father was barred from the 1992 Democratic convention because of his opposition to abortion.

    Jim Webb, who ran against Senator George Allen, was a Reagan Republican and President Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy. In the House newly elected Democrats ran as advocates of gun owners' rights and traditional values.

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