What Would A Communist Do?

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    By Randall Hoven

    The best person to answer that question would be a communist. Since I don't have a communist under my bed (I looked), I turned to the Communist Party USA as a source. Here then, is my report on what the CPUSA has been up to recently (or at least what it is willing to post on its public web site). CPUSA Online -

    (Some of you might be thinking it a bit retro to call someone a communist. I am very aware that we cannot read what is written in the heart of another man. But when a person is a member of the Communist Party, calls himself a communist, and justifies his arguments based on the teachings of Marx and Lenin, I think it safe to call him a communist.)

    The CPUSA's home page consists of various articles posted in reverse chronological order. I list and summarize those below.

    American Thinker: What Would a Communist Do?


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