What Voters Think:

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    What Voters Think:

    1. Voters are now evenly divided over whether Romney’s business experience is a plus or a minus, but they still consider him more ethical than the president.

    2. The attacks on Romney’s business record also haven’t changed the belief that venture capital firms like the one he worked for are better job creators than government programs like the ones championed by the president.

    3. Forty-two percent (42%) of voters agree with Obama that raising taxes on upper income Americans would help the economy

    4. 66% believe that there is too much government power in America today and too little individual freedom.

    5. Half (49%) believe government anti-poverty programs actually increase the level of poverty in this country.

    6. Most think there are too many people on welfare who should not be getting it and believe overwhelmingly that those who do receive welfare benefits should be required to work.

    7. Voters still hold a more positive view of the government bailouts of the automobile industry than they do of the ones given to the financial sector. Many Americans view the bailouts of GM and Chrysler more favorably these days, believing incorrectly that the government made money or broke even on them. Official estimates, however, indicate that the federal government will lose tens of billions of dollars on the auto bailouts alone. When told the government will lose money on the bailouts, views go much more negative.

    8. Most voters also continue to believe the president’s health care law will drive up the cost of health care and increase the federal deficit. Most still favor repeal of the law.

    9. Consumer confidence has been hovering just above the lowest levels of 2012. Only 25% of consumers believe the U.S. economy is getting better these days, while 55% say it's getting worse.

    10. Nearly half of young Americans now say they owe more money than they did last year

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