What ticks me off about Cindy Sheehan

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    Cindy Sheehan in her grief sees nothing of the big picture.

    Let's take her stand on the war into the long-view perspective. In other words: What would happen if we left Iraq today?

    The first thing that would happen is a large celebration in Syria, Palestine, Iran, et al. Next the power vaccuum would be filled with hard-line radical Islamic Wahhabists taking power through terror and keeping it through more terror. Next they would see it as weakness of US resolve and a powerful message that terrorism is a successful political tool. They would send their newfound hordes of radical terrorists through our porous border to begin killing civilians in our shopping malls thus putting all of our children into harms way rather than the large part of danger being held by those who volunteered to serve in the Armed Forces.

    Cindy Sheehan in her grief seeks to put my 7, 4, and almost 2 year old daughters in harms way in order to stake out a solely personal political victory.

    The left is jumping on the bandwagon of a woman who believes that the sole reason we are in Iraq is to protect Israel. (Townhall meeting, broadcast in March 2005)

    Here is the quote:
    Her blame the Jews mentality shows a short-sighted grief-ridden response rather than a logical forethought to how her proposed policy would play out. That the left is so willing to jump on this bandwagon regardless of the fact that such action would cause the deaths of civilians in the US seems to show a willingness to put other's in danger to advance their political cause.

    Regardless of how one feels about how we got into Iraq, it is important that we see what leaving would do to us now. This is not Vietnam where there was little chance the Viet Cong would cross the pond and enter the country illegally to blow up civilians in Shopping Malls, this is a terrorist organization that has already shown that they will do exactly that with little qualms and in fact support from much of the Islamic world.

    To Sheehan and her supporters I say, "You have no right to suggest that my daughters should be the ones in danger rather than those who have volunteered to protect them and at the same time attempt to claim the moral high-ground."

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