What the p.c. media, public schools, & universities wont teach you about islam

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    Radical islam & its followers have been trying to take over the world since its inception. While this thread its not a condemnation of the good muslims who are currently fighting against their own jihadists. It is a condemnations of socialism, communism, and the modern day liberal political views that make apologies for them.

    To understand the present and not repeat mistakes, we must know what the honest history of everything is.

    Please check out the links, I dont expect everyone to agree with me, but i expect you to be polite and honest in general.

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    Charles Martel - details I forgot.

    Let's start here. W thought he could take it all by sleight of hand but that has backfired. So let's just declare a national church of my design and we will convert its riches for either feeding the sick and the hungry or we will use it to invade and subdue other countries.

    Martels advantage

    The Muslim disaster

    Thus began a retreat back into Iberia Which resulted in that

    Lesson learned and recorded for us - Do not expend your forces into hostile territory and hope to defeat a gathering unity.

    I took just two of your references and found nuggets of krytonite that you had hurled in a dross bomb of shakko and glitter.

    The most important maxim of warfare is that you must respect your enemies values and abilities. To battle in ignorance and name calling is counter productive and may cause you to divide your forces or expose them to battle on ground not of your choice. Lee allowed himself to be drawn into that at Gettysburg.

    You expose your position as a dumping ground of references that you think overwhelming.

    As long as the considerable forces of the US military are frittered away and made vulnerable by amateurs in the seats of power, and the hoo-rah brigade of know nothing sycophants and cock sure illumi-not-ies then we are in for more of the same.

    We are now in a period where intelligent analysis and intelligent counter measures must be the order of the day.

    I have been violated. I bought my nephew a remote control car recently and now he thinks he is a terra-ist. What a shame!?

    Good bye Marine Gen. Peter Pace, who thought himself Charles Martel and welcome aboard Navy Adm. Mike Mullen to the joint chiefs.

    Let's focus less on Muslims and concentrate on exposing those who have attached themselves to a cause in the name of Muslims and let's concentrate on countering those hostile clinging elements. To do that everybody has to be smart, very smart. That has not been the case for the last six years and odd months.

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