What happen to individualism?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ihopehefails, Oct 3, 2009.

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    What happen to society being an agreement between two individuals versus a society that is a creation of the state? I often wonder how we can claim to live in freedom where most of us believe that society is something that is determined by the policies of the government itself and not the byproduct of the sum individual choices of each citizen. In our recent election our current president said that change has come to America. I'm all for change when it comes from my own choice to do so but not when it comes from the demands of our government because that role belongs to the individual himself/herself.

    I have always thought that a society that believes in self-governance and freedom are the ones that believe it can change government only where individuals were free to be who they are and government had to adapt to the demands of the people regardless if the people's demands were right or wrong because that is not the role of representative government to weight the demands of the people and veto them if they have deemed them wrong.

    I'm sorry, but the course our country has taken since the progressive movement has been incredibly unliberal and has to be stopped or we will wind up looking like the Soviet Union.
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    I fairly sure the Democrats voted that out...

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