Waters at it Again! Jewish Republicans are Demons!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GHook93, Feb 16, 2012.

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    OK, she didn't call Jewish Republicans demons she called a Jewish Republican a Demon. Now if the table was turned and a Republican called a Black Democrat a Demon, the headlines would be Racist Republican calls Black Democrats Demons!

    How is should a useless soul reelected time after time by Californians? I mean look at the California Dytopia? They population, infrastructure, large coastline, great weather, a ton of tourism dollars, but their bond rating is 50 out of 50, they are bankrupt, yet they have the highest taxes (not sure if NY might be higher) in the world. There schools are a mess and UNLIKE WI they are laying off teachers in extreme amounts. These are the politics of Comrade Waters! She is a communist socialist. She has no business running my kids lemonade stand but she might be on the financial budget counsel. The only one worse is Barney Frank!

    How so? By giving them another bailout. The policies that lead to the meltdown where from the Community Reinvestment Act. Powers was a huge part of that act. She is a main culprit, but this bitch will push it off on someone else, because she's an empty suit politician. A woman who couldn't run a business if she tried, but she thinks she knows how to run a country.

    If she becomes the House Financial Services Committee chairwoman this country is truly fucked!

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