VVIP movement reasons traffic jammed in Karachi

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    VVIP movement reasons traffic jammed in Karachi
    I want to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President of Pakistan and Head of Pakistan People Party and Mr. Nawaz Sharif President of PML ( N ) both in city that reason traffic jammed and people have to suffer and wait which irk specially the tax payer where no benefit reach to them expect only worries and problem flood without interval.

    More interesting to share Mr. Nawaz Sharif in Hotel Marriott, Club Road, Karachi that reasons tight security maintains in which every common person pay the price for suffering in traffic jam.

    I request all leaders if you are head of state or party no matter why you prefer to take a long protocol to proof that you are fear with possible terrorists attack or display your power or influence that reasons long police and ranger vehicle behind you, Who will bear the cost of these high level protocol, if Govt bear the cost than doing totally injustice utilize the amount in a manner like wasting money, no doubt keep protocol in a limit so Govt not to bear the additional cost of expenses in the name of security for VVIP movement.

    Do you want to live in the every common people in Pakistan than do welfare work no matter who is the needy, belong to your party or not from your race should be not count or consider, that reasons how many people who got power reach in Govt but none of them remembered that truth they did not make any welfare work for own or community people.

    If you think making money by black will remove your sin at God place or judgment day (after your death) , if you collect entire world gold, diamond or money than not a single sin will be remove or forgive at the God ( judgment day ) after you die, before you alive than you have time to change your life style otherwise prepared to face angry God for hurting, paining common in the name of inflation, lack of justice, giving worries and problems etc etc.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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