Dang my freezer died last night

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lovebears65, Jul 20, 2012.

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    We do have a Appliance warranty but by the time they would have come out to fix it all our meat and freezer stuff gone.. So, hubby ran out at 8pm last night and bought us a new one. It is HUGE.. I had probably 1000K worth of meat in our freezer so it was cheaper to buy a new freezer then to lose all that food. Hubby thought he fixed the old one but it started losing coldness again and no stores open to see if can fix it again. So we will fix the old one with our appliance warranty for 100 bucks and have two freezers. Probably give one to my mom though lol.. Why do things break at night or on the weekends :tongue: Oh and if our insurance cant fix the old one they will buy us a new one. Might end up with 2 brand new freezers

    If anyone owns a house I would highly recommend Total Protect. Its a Warranty . Your house can 100 years old and it still covers all your appliances , plumbing ,electrical , AC or heat pump . Hot water tank , Ceiling fans .. I pay like 40 bucks a month. But the peace of mind is worth it. If you need any work done you have a 100 dollar deductible. Since living in this house they have replaced our whole AC unit. Fixed my washer and dryer and we have gotten 2 new water heaters. If they cant fix it they will replace it and its not for cheap stuff it has to be comparable to the one you already have.

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