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    Obama better hope there isn't any truth to this statement

    Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign HillBuzz

    10, 2008
    Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign
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    If you haven’t been a regular here at HillBuzz, you might not know about Gigi Gaston’s documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced” on the caucus fraud deliberately orchestrated by the Obama campaign during the primaries. Voter intimidation, registration fraud, vandalism, threats of violence, you name it, Obama’s supporters did it. For veterans of the McGovern ‘72 campaign who remembered thugs and hooligans engaged in similar tactics in service of their own far left candidate, the actions of Obama’s followers were so bad that even people who’ve lived through the last 36 years of ups and downs in America testified that this is the worst thing they’ve ever seen happen to our democracy.

    Gaston’s documentary continues to gather testimonials from people across the country — and we have word now that the people behind these efforts to document what Obama did during the primaries are also cooperating with law enforcement in an investigation into the Obama campaign’s efforts to undermine the true will of the people in the general election.

    Republicans and centrist Democrats are joined together on this effort to get the truth out about Obama before the November election. We firmly believe in McCain’s victory and do not believe it hinges on any developments with RICO. The polls, in our opinon, are wrong, and the internal numbers we see coming out of NC, VA, PA, OH, IN and FL show McCain wins in all of those states (there is no mathematical possibility for Obama to win without taking PA, OH, or FL). We believe after McCain’s win there will be a continued prosecution of Obama and members of the Democratic party for voter fraud under RICO statutes in the months and years ahead. ACORN and leftist Democrats have gone too far this time — for years ACORN has engineered deliberate election fraud using taxpayer dollars funneled to it by Democrats. This time, with both Democrats and Republicans joined against them, ACORN Is going down…and we believe it will ultimately take Obama, Axelrod, and most of today’s Democratic leadership down with it.

    What we have talked about here on HillBuzz, and what other stories like the one posted below have also noted, is just the tip of the iceberg. We have no idea what is going on behind closed doors: only what we observe in the news and what people more closely involved relate to us.

    People leave comments here saying, “What’s the update? What’s the update? What’s the update?”. Well, there won’t be an update on this every day. We luck out and are told things, and we happily share them as soon as they make sense to us. Sometimes things fall in our lap, like noticing the story at the bottom of this post — which gives us the idea to make a few calls of our own — and that confirms things we’ve suspected, but can then write about fully.

    There IS a RICO investigation of ACORN and the Obama campaign underway - this has now been established by the mainstream media. Right now it’s rumored here in Chicago that Patrick Fitzgerald is heading it (confirmation on that has not come yet). There is a lot of activity in Chicago right now, with a lot of IRS agents looking into the finances coming in and out of this city, and across state lines (this was established on Monday when the GOP issued emergency press releases that much of Obama’s campaign contributions could very well be illegal foreign contributions - what appears to be deliberately poor record keeping designed to hide the true identities and monetary sources of online donors is at issue here). We see in 15 states now that ACORN is being busted for attempted voter fraud, and for fraudulent, illegal voter registratons in the hundreds of thousands, if not a million. The article below states, and we have confirmed this with people who know for sure, that the people who gathered evidence of Obama’s fraud and voter intimidation techniques during the primaries against Hillary Clinton are sharing everything they have with the Republican Party and the federal government.

    What’s happening here is something we have never seen before: centrist Clinton Democrats and Republicans are working together to expose the DNC and Obama campaign’s illegal activities and orchestrated, coordinated fraud. Both parties are working with federal agents to investigate ACORN, which has been funded with upwards of $800,000 in questionable donations from the Obama campaign (in what appears to be the expressed and explicit direction to engineer voter fraud in the general election). The tactics being employed now in the 15 states currently under investigation are the VERY SAME TACTICS we saw on the ground in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, and other states working for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

    And all of this ties back to Chicago.

    Where the Obama campaign and DNC are now based.

    Where people we know tip us off to little things to pay attention to that, when pieced together with all the other little pieces that are revealing themselves, leads to a single conclusion: there will be indictments for all of this.

    We don’t know when they will come — but they will come. There is just too much here to ignore.

    “Why didn’t the federal government get involved in the primaries?”, some people ask in comments. Well, we aren’t lawyers, but someone told us yesterday that the primaries are party affairs and are not governed by federal election laws. We’re sure a legal scholar will comment on this and set us straight. The parties set the rules for their primaries…but the general election IS governed by federal election law. This is why Florida and Michigan were allowed to be such a mess for Democrats, and why Donna Brazile and Howard Dean got away with taking delegates away from Hillary Clinton and giving them, unearned, to Obama for Michigan: no federal agency had any ability to step in and ensure a fair resolution of the Michigan and Florida votes. This was 100% in the hands of the Democratic party, which intended to award Obama its nomination since 2004. The party never intended to allow Hillary Clinton to win this thing — they always wanted Obama, and the party thus turned a deaf ear to our constant and repeated complaints of voter fraud, intimidation, and other thuggery by the Obama campaign from January through June.

    That means, technically, nothing Obama did during the primaries was illegal…if our understanding of election law is true and political party primaries are not safeguarded under federal law. Tthe things his campaign is orchestrating now, however, ARE violations of the law.

    Thus, all the evidence Clinton supporters and Republicans have gathered of fraud and voter intimidation during the primaries establishes the pattern of behavior that’s allowing RICO investigators to clearly discern a national conspiracy, rooted in Chicago, to hijack this election and defraud the will of the people. It’s all background information, with the RICO case seemingly evolving from the 15 separate investigations now underway in all states busting ACORN offices.

    The Obama campaign, meanwhile, is in damage control mode, trying to amend FEC filings to erase ACORN from all of its paperwork — including claiming the $800,000 the Obama campaign paid ACORN for voter fraud (including registering the dead and enlisting homeless people and college kids to illegally multi-vote in multiple states or multiple intrastate polling places) was actually awarded to an unrelated, though wholly owned, subsidiary of ACORN.

    The media, which risked all its credibility betting on an Obama win, will not report any of this because when Obama falls, he will take America’s faith in journalism with him. Democrats, especially, will never trust the media again, since they will come to realize they lost a sure shot at taking back the White House with Hillary Clinton, because the media wanted to run an Obama campaign, and Howard Dean and Donna Brazile were all too pleased to oblige. Republicans never trusted the media to begin with — so chalk that up, surprisingly, to yet another thing centrist Democrats now agree with Republicans on.

    All of this is still developing and we do not know how many more breaks in this story will come before November 4th. We do detect a purposeful breaking of something new in this story every few days. Monday was the reports of illegal contributions to the Obama campaign from overseas that tied into the $800,000 given to ACORN by Obama. On Wednesday, all Hell broke lose in 15 states with ACORN offices left and right busted for massive voter fraud operations. We don’t know about other cities, but lawyers here in Chicago are talking about something BIG going down. On in-trade, someone short-sold Obama and bought $140,000 in shares for a McCain win on November 4th, dropping Obama’s intrade price from roughly $75/share to $64/share or so.

    When a storm is coming, some know, some don’t. The ones that know do odd things that make sense only in retrospect. Right now, we are noticing a lot of odd things and are piecing this together as best we can to see patterns emerging.

    Whenever a storm brews for Obama, the media ratchets up its cheerleading, and those in the tank for him do whatever they can to protect him. That’s why we’ve also noticed the polling companies changing their party ID samples in the last two or three weeks, upping Democrats’ party ID to 50% in some polls, and dropping Republicans down to just 20%, with 30% Independent. If you look at this critically, you’d see that Democrats have never enjoyed more than a 4% historical party ID advantage. In 2006, a year that Democrats RAGED against both Bush and the sex-scandal plagued GOP (Mark Foley, Larry Craig, and other characters), Democrats had just a 3% party ID advantage. All of this means polls should be using samples with 39% Democrats, 35% Republican, and 26% Independent.

    The polling samples are manipulated to give Obama higher poll numbers than he really in fact has, as reflective of support in the electorate. Some people believe this is all being done as cover for the voter fraud — so that Obama polls higher than he should in states where ACORN’s activities are meant to pump illegal votes in to push him much higher than he would be in an actual, legitimate election. The polls, in essence, are thus showing that ACORN is expected to deliver that 11% party ID advantage to Democrats, by bringing the dead, ineligible felons, and homeless multi-voters to the voting booths. The polls thus seem rigged to produce the results Obama wants…and ACORN is the muscle to make sure results are delivered to match the established polls.

    That’s one theory.

    Another is that the polling companies and networks are working independent of the Obama campaign, but that the networks, which fund the polls, demand good Obama poll numbers because those drive ratings. MSNBC, in particular, will most likely go under when Obama loses — they are so in the tank for his campaign, and are behind so much of the mischief of the past year, that when Obama loses we are certain Jeff Zucker, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and others will lose their jobs, with the network collapsing a year or two later. MSNBC is already in last place. Republicans and centrist Democrats won’t touch it. The only people left watching it are Obama supporters (or sadomasochistic Eeyores who enjoy watching propaganda engineered specifically to depress them,and in turn cause them to depress everyone around them with “We’re all doomed! Obama is unstoppable! The TV told me this and now I need be constantly reassured otherwise so I will drain the energy from all those around me!” woe). Obama supporters disappear when MSNBC is not providing enough cheerleading for him. And Obama supporters are all MSNBC has left.

    So, in our opinion, the media and the polls are linked, since both depend on Obama followers remaining loyal viewers, never becoming disillusioned in his campaign. His support in polls is thus inflated for network business reasons, with Potemkin Vilage idiots like Matthews and Olbermann reading from Jeff Zucker’s predictably pro-Obama script. Manupulation and propaganda like this happen all the time.

    We can’t think of a more classic modern example of this than “Baghdad Bob” during the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, when American tanks rolled into the city, right behind Bob, on camera, who would assure journalists that Saddam Hussein was winning and that Americans would never conquer the country. Americans were nowhere to be seen! Except right behind you, in that column of tanks that just almost ran you over, Bob.

    Every time we hear pro-Obama cheerleading that he’s winning Virginia and North Carolina and Ohio and Pennsylvania, we hear the rumble of those tanks in Baghdad again…and know what’s going to happpen on November 4th. McCain will win all the states the media claims Obama’s leading in…the very same way Hillary Clinton won California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Indiana, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania: all states the media insisted Clinton would lose.

    We have seen this movie before.

    We know how all of this ends.

    The only thing we’re left guessing at is what the finished product of “We Will Not Be Silenced” will look like. Gigi Gaston is working incredibly hard on what we believe will be one of the most important films released next year. It will NOT be completed before the election. No one ever planned to make a movie about democracy-threatening fraud this year, so understand this film is being made as quickly as possible.

    But, read the article below for more on this…and remember, before you ask repeatedly “What’s the update? What’s the update? What’s the update?” that we’re not the only ones who can play detective. Ask questions yourself. Get on the phone and call the governors in your state and ask them what’s being done about voter fraud, what’s being done to stop Obama from subverting the will of the people in this election. If you find out anything, head over to - Powered by vBulletin and post it so the 5,000 campaign veterans there can read it and get the information out to others.

    Instead of constantly asking “What’s the update?” or demanding people hold your hand, get off your butt and help get to the bottom of all this. If you are so damn curious, then start calling your local news stations and demanding to know what they are doing about investigating all of this rampant fraud engineered to help Obama. Call NBC and keep calling into you get through to Jeff Zucker. Call every sponsor you see advertising on NBC and MSNBC and tell them you will stop using their products because they support the Obama propaganda machine. That’s sure as Hell more helpful than asking “What’s the update?” ad nauseum.

    If Obama can win this thing fair and square in an honest election, then so be it — we don’t believe he honestly can. Those of us who have been on the ground for Hillary Clinton the last 2 years haven’t seen much honesty come out of the Obama Nation.

    Have sure seen a lot of fraud, though.

    And we aren’t the only ones:
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    I'm going to make this as easy for you as possible.

    1.) You can't post full articles.

    2.) Your source is a Hillary blog website, which amounts to spam.

    3.) Obvious Spammer is Obvious.
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    Obama sucks
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