Vampirism: Eden Lake (AntiChrist/Democrats)

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    Does modernism make you worry about speculation?

    This yarn was inspired by From Hell.

    Signing off,



    "After God made the paradise known as Eden for Adam and Eve, he witnessed his two beloved creatures (humans) engaging in various forms of seduction, betrayal, and confidence. Adam and Eve developed impressive cities, Hollywood, and even NASA. Adam and Eve continued to endure through various faith-tribulations such as the Holocaust and the Los Angeles Race Riots. Eden persisted but was polluted by forms of excess and waste."


    "Adam posed with Eve in a special photo for Warner Bros. Pictures which was producing a new film about the deterioration of social values in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Adam and Eve were to portray a real-life couple living in Moscow and dealing with post-USSR social maladies such as drug-addiction and black market munitions trading. Adam and Eve would therefore serve as 'corruption diplomats' in this new provocative Hollywood (USA) film."


    "As Satan (the Devil), adversary of God and mankind, noticed that this new Warner Bros. picture was creating quite a stir among the masses, he decided to visit Adam and Eve and attempt to tempt them with strange words of intrigue. Satan told Adam and Eve that modernism problems regarding ethics and governance may be addressed 'imaginatively' with philosophical notions about escapism and suicide. After all, if you can't achieve Paradise/Utopia with known norms and values, you can always 'escape' into the 'dream-world' of private fantasy and immortality-daydreams. Adam and Eve were compelled to meditate on the spiritual 'tangibility' of the 'joy' of escapism and even suicide in the face of real modern deformities such as urban racism. Would Satan manage to completely subvert Eden...again?"


    "As Adam and Eve prepared for the new Warner Bros. film, they couldn't help but feel 'haunted' by the words-of-intrigue administered by the Devil (Satan) and decided to ask the prince of darkness about what would be an 'intelligent' course-of-action regarding 'escaping' reality. Satan advised Adam and Eve to consider vampirism, or the ingestion of human blood as a form of 'euphoric' but strong suicide. Adam and Eve would wander around Eastern Europe as vampires, and they would rename Europe 'Eden Lake.' Satan gloated over the fact that the fantasy of escapism had compelled Adam and Eve to experiment with a form of 'intellectual indulgence' --- namely, vampirism."


    "God was furious (again) and admonished Adam and Eve to consider the folly of their escapism-daydreams and renounce this new vampirism-lifestyle. However, Adam and Eve had already managed to collect dozens of vials of 'vampire blood' taken from the victims they found as pedestrians wandering the streets of Eastern Europe. While Warner Bros. completed their box-office hit film, Adam and Eve were now full-fledged vampires. God advised Adam and Eve to consider how the escapist methods of vampirism was not unlike the primitiveness of cannibalism. Adam and Eve realized that their indulgence/escapism fantasies had given way to a sort of 'morphological evil' and began destroying their vampire blood vial stores."


    "After this 'Great Tribulation' subsided, Eden/Earth was once again restored, and God's archangel Michael was sent down to Earth to once again dispel Satan and the influence of the ominous 'red dragon' of moral corruption and sloth (and pride). Eastern Europe began rebuilding its socioeconomic structures, and the Trump Administration was involved in key new commerce-oriented pacts with Moscow, Berlin, Prague, and Transylvania. God decided that 'normal confidence' in social institutions would once again surface."


    ADAM: We failed...
    EVE: It's alright; we simply thought too deeply about escapism.
    ADAM: Did we compromise our destiny?
    EVE: No; God was present, and Michael dispelled the dragon.
    ADAM: We did experiment with vampirism.
    EVE: We also killed people to drink their blood!
    ADAM: Let's go watch Les Miserables (Liam Neeson) on Netflix!
    EVE: For every error, there is redemption in contemplation.
    ADAM: Imagination can be dangerous...
    EVE: We should've relied more on our innate faith in our own happiness.
    ADAM: Yes, we should refrain from speculating on helplessness.
    EVE: It seems the Trump Administration is working closely with Eastern Europe.
    ADAM: Yes, and the United Nations has policies now to address socioeconomic woes!
    EVE: Let's buy our kids some engaging and patriotic Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics) books.
    ADAM: Yes, it's better to entreat our fantasies about 'eccentricity' with fiction.
    EVE: Perhaps the modern world is redeemed with the right dose of 'fashion'...
    ADAM: God told me that the AntiChrist approaches with plastic-surgery.
    EVE: Perhaps the Democratic Party in America will endorse Consumer Reports!



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