USA, historically the next Germany/Japan

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    There is no doubt. "Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose." Kris Kristopherson wrote those words and it still holds true.

    Americans generally have good hearts and appreciate the freedoms we are allowed. We also believe that our freedoms are somehow superior to our perceived lack of freedoms within other societies. I can't say this more truthfully or dramatically, our ideas of freedom and liberty just don't work in most of the rest of the world.

    We embrace capitalism as fervently as we embrace religion. In fact, many Americans embrace capitalism to their own detriment. I think religion plays a large part in that embracement. Religion teaches subservience to a higher power and capitalism/corporatism takes that ideology to levels I would have never thought possible during my formitive years.

    Minimum wages? How about liveable wages? Affordable environmental standards? How about responsible environmental standards? Frivolous lawsuits? What about justice? Religious freedoms? We, as Americans, were founded on our search for religious freedoms but you would never know it now. Capitalism/corporatism has failed us on all these issues.

    My father fought for the freedoms that are now denied him. His father fought for freedoms that he never realized. I've fought for many freedoms that I am being denied. Yet WE fight to assure freedoms for people that never knew they didn't have, in fact WE limit most of the freedoms they enjoyed before our interference.

    I know this is a tough subject for many conservatives to address. But, you have reasons for your opinions and those reasons have a logic. As yet, I have failed to understand that logic.

    USA will become, historically, the next Germany/Japan. The superiority complex of many Americans will insist upon it.

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