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    Aftermath of the American Civil War

    Ancestor with a flowing hand, tied to seasons , tied to land.
    Are our labors pittance trumped?
    Behind our keyboards, desks, we slump
    'till the ringing bell discloses. Life has passed under our noses.

    Your days passed in desperate splendor.
    Nature healed you; rewarded labor.
    Now we face the law of "State".
    in our hovels,
    in our date
    and hourly
    minutes cell
    each contritions script until...
    the moment comes to fade away.
    Corpus wired as insurance pays.

    Are we better off than thee?
    Are there better sights to see?
    We mourn the passing of the dove.
    We mourn the loss of GOD above....

    He is now thrown in our midst.
    Courts decisions, errant lists
    of why whatever went before,
    (Black Robes Decide!), 'twill be no more.

    War has changed the face of peace. Recriminations never cease.
    Televised the facts asunder, winning lost, benevolence plunder.
    Who the left is, what the right.
    Amplified they rob the night of what your loved ones need to hear.
    With artificial things to fear.

    Nothing else hunts humans now.
    Save other humans, I allow.
    What animal could somehow strain
    His attributes to match the brain
    That given to thee to infuse
    With all of God that we might use.
    We calm with pleasant radiation
    forgetting Freedom, birth, or nation.

    Rise above the sterile "Now".
    Think ahead to time when how
    You thought about your life and love
    Made you closer to Him above.

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