US bashing by UN morons

Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by RW&B, Nov 5, 2010.

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    The UNHCR is now attempting to target the US for human right violations. It's just another bash American for being a world power stage that Obama can get on and apologize for.

    U.N. Human Rights Council to Take Aim at New Target: United States -

    To the members of the UN: What are you going to do, sanction the US? I like to see you try. When we don’t follow them then what you going to do? Send in the US (I mean UN) military? I propose that the US not pay the dues for any country that votes against us. Of course that would mean that most of the countries wouldn’t be in the UN.

    If you think the US is that bad, get the hell out and go to where ever you think is better.

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