Universal Healthcare?

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    Fellow Citizens of the United States of America and Those Concerned Citizens of Other Countries,
    With President Obama's campaign for change firmly in swing, the United State's degrading health system seems to not have escaped hasty progressive legislation. Almost without apprehension, some Americans are blindly demanding universal healthcare. I have always been one to listen intently to history's lessons, which has, in turn, raised a profuse number of concerns about universal healthcare. I was hoping that fellow American citizens and citizens of other countries, those on both sides of this pivotal issue, those that have experienced the advantages and disadvantages of our current system and universal healthcare, will converge upon this forum and either lay to rest my concerns or validate them. Listed below are my trepidations with questions for thought:
    1. Increase in Insurance Premiums/ Expense of Healthcare
    Will universal healthcare lead to an increase in insurance premiums?
    Will insurance companies still be able to discriminate against older citizens and/or preexisting conditions?
    Will the expense of healthcare really decrease?
    Will the states be able to control costs?
    2. Monetary Sustainability
    Will our country be able to maintain monetary sustainability?
    3. Supply of Physicians
    Will it really be easier for lower-income people to receive healthcare versus higher-income people?
    Will doctors accept the influx of new patients or even accept certain types of insurance?
    Will the supply of physicians be maintained when medical malpractice is such a liability?
    Will defensive medicine lead to higher costs of healthcare?
    4. Average Health of Citizen
    Ultimately, will universal healthcare increase the average health of an American citizen?
    5. Is healthcare a right or a privilege?
    Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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