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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Diana, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Why can’t the UN work to stop human suffering and to promote human freedom. Are we not all people of one planet? Maybe we need to stop looking at ourselves as separate people and see ourselves as one. Maybe the UN should be the Police to all who choose to be leaders and are placed in leadership, of any single nation. And if one of those leaders or groups of leaders chooses not to treat its people fairly and justly then it should be the UN to remove them from power. Maybe the idea is not to say it’s not our problem or our job to change or remove a criminal leader from power. Maybe it is exactly, all of our jobs, as one, to do so. Is that not what we should be evolving into?

    As an individual in a just society I would not be allowed to kill, rape, torture, steal land from, or repress my neighbor. Why as a global body, do we sit back and say without reservation that the way to peace is to do nothing? That the way to peace is to say it’s not my problem, or my fight. Why should we sit back and say they should take care of a criminal leader themselves. Are we not all here to be one people? Should we not all look after one another? Is that not the way to true and lasting PEACE. Maybe the UN needs to be a body that says, “You as a leader are stealing land from your neighbor, and You as a leader are repressing your people. As a body for this planet, we will come together and say no to you and, if necessary, stop you from criminal acts on your neighbors and your people.”
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    Considering more than half the states represented in the UN are ruled by dictators it's not surprising the UN does little to curtail dictatorial power. The UN purports to speak for all people, but that isn't really the case.

    It would be better if all democracies in the world decided to form their own global organization because in my opinion the UN is a failed moral wasteland of apathy, greed, and exploitation.
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    Z - I have made the same observation both here and in other forums.

    All the U.N. serves to do at this point is three things:

    - To legitamize totalitarian regimes by viewing them as the equals of democratically elected governments.

    - To enable former world powers to hold onto the remaining shred of their global power via permanent seats on the UNSC.

    - To provide oppulent lifestyles for the dilletante bureaucrats who live high on the hog in NYC while their fellow countrymen live in poverty.

    The U.N. should be moved to Zimbabwe. It's a more appropriate locale for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is putting the real problems of the world front and center.

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