United African States, is what Africa needs for Future.

Discussion in 'Africa' started by 52ndStreet, Feb 14, 2009.

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    A united Africa, as is the case now with Europe and the European Union, is what Africa need now to, be a properous continent in the future.

    The current state of tribal in fighting, and cross border disputes, and disunity, is a recepie
    for disaster. Europena re-colonialists are waiting in the wings to recolonize, and carve up
    up the African continent once again, if Africans allow them selves to be put in states of economic weakness, and insolvency.

    African countries need to pool their vast resources, which many African countries ,
    are still in possesion of vast qunatities, that are still untaped.

    Africans must also re-work many of the hundreds of mining contracts made with European,
    American, and Australian mining companies, so that they receive a more than equitable
    share of their national resources.Many current contracts, are weighted in favor of the mining companies, with the African country receiving less than %50 percents of the
    mining profits.

    These kinds of robber baron policies must cease.
    Africa must unite as soon as possible.
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    Yes it is what it needs, but it is not what is likely to happen. African leaders have enough problems with unity within their own countries, Unity on a continental scale is like a fantasy if they don't even have Unity within their own nations (Congo for example).

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