Unions, The Government and The Banksters

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    The trend has been to reduce America to third world status.

    Anyone that has been paying attention will see that this has been the plan all along.

    They have been using in the past, and future popular movements by certain segments of the population to further their agenda.

    I'm not against womens lib, or equal rights, but it benefited their goals in reducing wages and funneling power to the top, where it is now, where it takes two to "live the American dream of owning a home and having kids". It is very expensive, and the cheap stuff from China does not make up for it as any parent will tell you.

    Then in the 70's we had both "dems and repubs" heavy on imports from Japan, which reduced the steel worker mills and Detroit slowly to ruins. Anyone against it was ostracized then as today.

    Looking at a graph of wages from the 70's to today will show a decline in wages while productivity has gone up, funneling the wealth and power to the top.

    Then we have a secret open border policy by both "dems and repubs" since it does the same thing it did with having more women in the workforce. Suppressing wages since there is more worker demand and not enough jobs.

    Then they instituted policies to encourage outsourcing and offshoring among all American business, outside the country but mostly mega corporations, which has made us having to compete on the global scale with those making 2 dollars a day. Gee, what could the long term consequences be?

    Now they want to take away social security, unions, pensions, and other protective programs and labeling them as socialist retroactively, since they are nothing new and just did not pop up out of nowhere from "Obama the Socialist" whom by the way is the butt buddy of the banksters on Wall Street as was Bush the Butt buddy of the Mega Corporations.

    To test this theory, go after the pay of the presidential position, those in congress, no to insider trading, those on Wall Street, and those in the Mega Corporations, not the thousands of small business's that make up the majority of the jobs in this country and see what kind of backlash you will face.

    Now this may be conspiratorial territory, but would you say it was a conspiracy if a company grew from collecting all the data possible about the market and thier potential clients and reacted accordingy? You would say there is no conspiracy but a successful entrepreneur.

    The government along with those in bed with them, have more than just financial data, but psychological tactics well withing their means to do whatever they want. Why is this such a stretch?
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