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Discussion in 'Media' started by UKvoter, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Hi folks

    Just wondering what the effect of the 'socialist' sports franchise systems in the U.S has on the reporting of sports teams in country wide media?

    There have been many complaints in the UK recently that the media coverage of soccer is leading to a vastly unfair playing field,as the number of column inches devoted to the 'larger' teams who have invested most in players has been substantially higher than the less supported, less well financed teams by a large degree. The general concensus seems to be gathering that this increased media attention leads to officials being unconsciously biased towards the larger teams. Obviously the media love to report on these teams - they have more fans and are more active in the player markets, so are easier to write about and will garner more viewers/readers.

    Is this similar in the U.S? Do some sports teams recieve a massive amount of coverage as opposed to others? I guess as most U.S sports involve much higher scores, the effect of officials making calls (rightly or wrongly) is lessened anyway. Are there any big examples of a particular sports team being favored in the media, and does there seem to be an effect on the field?
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    Interesting question, sports is America's god, its religion, its way from poverty to wealth, its pastime, its afternoon ritual, its parental dream, and more. When we were kids it was sport, today it is business and it manifests the worst sort of greed possible. And yet the players have unions? An odd irony.

    Some teams do receive more coverage but because we are a land of the individual, it is often the individual who is deified. Jordon, Bird, Woods, Farve, are gods to many, and the money and wealth they possess is the dream for many. Sport becomes more important than all other things here, including education, a rather odd predicament for teachers who if they are tough enough tell their students their nightly game is no excuse for stupidity. I want to see if you get other replies.

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