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    How Do You Solve A Problem Like Fashion Week? - Anna Wintour - Jezebel

    The recession is shaking the fashion industry's foundations. Last fall's 85% discounts begat this spring's layoffs. Magazines have folded, labels have shuttered, and consumer spending continues to fall. Anna Wintour thinks this could be solved with a spot of price-fixing.

    Yesterday morning, the Council of Fashion Designers of America held a private town hall style meeting to discuss the future of fashion week — but the meeting soon mushroomed into a general debate on the serious issues the industry is facing. And nothing is off the table. The entire industry superstructure — how fashion is produced, shown, and sold to the consumer — was hotly debated by everyone from Anna Wintour, to Francisco Costa, to Diane von Furstenberg.
    Anna Wintour's proposed solution really takes the cake. The Vogue editor stood up to offer, "Could someone lead a committee that would make ground rules for retailers of when the discounting starts, and then all the retailers can agree to it?" Von Furstenberg interjected that that was illegal — in fact, if the big department stores had any such agreement, it would amount to price-fixing and collusion, an anti-trust lawsuit in the making. "Is that something we can change?" asked Wintour. "We have friends in the White House now!"


    Typical. Can't let free and fair competition determine market conditions. Gotta get the government involved in order to give an unfair advantage 'cuz their current business model is failing.

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