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    Two lawyers went on a fishing trip one day. One of them had just purchased a brand new canoe and was just dying to try it out.....

    On their way to their favorite fishing hole, they came across a stream...

    Since the weather had been dry, the stream was very shallow. The lawyer who owned the canoe wanted to paddle across, but the other lawyer objected saying that the stream was too shallow and they'd get stuck, so it was better to just cross the stream by foot.

    However, the first lawyer insisted on paddling, while the other insisted they just ford the stream. Well, one thing led to another and soon they were arguing bitterly. Until, finally, they sued each other in court over the entire matter.....

    In fact, you've probably heard of the case.... "Row vs. Wade"

    P.S. Of course it's terrible! That's why I'm a computer programmer, not a joke writer! Geez!!!!!

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