Two Ideologies: Islam and Capitalism

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    Last night I was perusing an Islam forum and found this thread:

    "American campaign to suppress Islam"

    The thread links to this site:

    There is a four part video. I wouldn't say it is necessary to watch, much propaganda, however, a real eye opener into the minds of a good portion of muslims. Makes you think.

    Essentially, the narrator/author, propounds that after the demise of the soviet/marxist government in the early 90's, there was left only two ideologies in the world. Islam and Capitalism. In his opinion, it is wrong to think of the soviet demise as a victory over their government, rather, it is a victory over an idealogy, that of marxism. During the cold war, the two main ideologies of the world, were Capitalism and Marxism, after the cold war, Islam became the only remaining ideology left that opposes the Capitalist ideology. Reason: most other government, china, NK, cuba, may still be trying to cling to a communist form of ideology, however, they are slowly following a path toward a free market system.

    Authors premise:
    Islam and Capitalism can not co-exist. Islam ideology takes its direct source from the Creator and Quran. Capitalism takes it's ideology from the people, rather than their creator (I think he is referring to separation of church and state). Therefore, he believes that since Islam can not embrace our ideology, that there will and should be war because he believes that Muslims can not except any other ideology and must stamp out all ideology that does not conform to Allah.

    IMO, a good portion of Muslims have seen or will see this video and believe the premise. The video is a great example of propaganda, taking small quotes, pictures, here and there out of context and putting them into their own context. (Who needs Moore of that?). What I gathered on the forum is that about half believed the author. Keep in mind that is half who have access to internet, thus probably educated, as all speak both islamic and english. Consider the rest of the uneducated, impoverish muslims who will believe this. Quite disturbing.

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