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    During the 1. Nuclear summit (sounding phase) in the energy Ministry in April 14 firm s participated in this phase. In the 2nd and last nuclear summit only 11 firms participated of which about 8 firms have good and 2 firms very good starting positions for the Nuclear project.

    The Turkish State wants these nuclear plants to be built fully by private sector and Turkish state does not want to giv any guarantees to buy the produced electricity.
    Only 2 companies accepted these specifications to build these Nuclear plants 100% with own finances and without Electricty buying guarantees by the state.
    These firms are the 2 largest conglomerates of the country Koc and Sabanci with its respective subsidiaries Koc Enerji Grubu and Enerji S.A..

    As officials of the energy Ministry already expressed, this nuclearproject will employ over 2.000 people and Turkey will rely on 2 Nuclear technologies in this project. So not all plants will be built with the same technology.
    Which reactor types these will be has not been announced yet. But is obvious that a technology will be introduced based on CANDU reactors.
    Most Turkish experts (Birol, Veziroglu und Co.) hint this type of reactor.
    The specific feature of this reactor type is, that physical uranium can be used as a fuel. So now enriched Uranium is needed.

    Why Turkey wants to introduce another type of reactor has maybe 2 possibilities:

    - Include this Nuclear deal in a political Motive, such with USA or France (EU)
    - Or as abovecountries' technologies require enriched Uranium to keep open possibility to get Nuclear armed in future if Iran should aquire Nuclear weapons.

    Turkey has some 10.000 Tonnes of Uranium. Turkish Energy Ministry stopped searching for Uranium in 1959 and is now developing a hi-Tech airplane which willlocate new reccources.

    The planned 5.000 MW nuclear plants will fully run independent with these domestic Uranium for about 20 years without foreign interference.

    But there is also Thorium and Monazit which you can use for Nuclear technology.
    Turkey has about 800.000 Tonnes of extracted Thorium. But of meanings of economically usage (at least 0,2 % density of Thorium per 1 Tonne Ore) Turkey has in these ecomical view 383.000 Tonnes of Thorium.

    And all of these is locate in one location in Turkey:

    ---> The blue field called Eskisehir-Sivrihisar-Kızılcaören Mine.
    But Turkish Energy MInistry will serach for new Thorium, too, as 1959 searching was stopped.

    TAEK (Shortform for Turkish Nuclear Agency) and MTA (Shortform: Reccource Underdepartment) are actually coordinateing their knowledge and Technology to improve mining of Thorium and clean ore to get clean Thorium.

    As i do not know it in details and will never understand, Thorium so that it can be used in Reactors must be converted to Uranium-233. To let this happen Thorium is being bombarded by Neutrons.
    Such a machine TAEK introduced in Turkey in 1963 under project name (CNAEM).

    Our Universities like Balikesir, METU and Cumhuriyet are researching in this subject too.

    Turkey had plans in 1990s before with Nuclear Project but than cancelled it due to financial problems. It is very cost intensive.
    If we trust our beloved Greeks from this source in this 1990s project Turke also had a paralell project of researching Thorium technologies.

    If Turkey can manage to win Thorium for Nuclear Plants, than Turkey will be independent from foreign dependence formultiple centuries.

    Why I mention Thorium is India.
    As you know India has nuclear weapons, but has no domestic Uranium. Because of Nuclear-Nonproliferation India has problems in buying Uranium from abroad.
    So India bought CANDU-type reactors and researched and developed them furthermore.
    India had some testing reactors with Torium fuelled and Indiais now on the point where it succeeded to use Thorium in an economical way forits Nuclear plants.
    India is currently building one Thorium based Nuclear plant:


    India has about 290.000 Tonnes of Thorium and this will make India a very very long time independent by foreign interference/dependency.

    When Bush visited New-Delhi USA signed a Nuclear-cooperation treaty with India.
    USA did this not only to be generous to India, but of course India is advanceing in Thorium technology, too.
    Thorium is 3 times more in this world then Uranium.

    USa has its on Thorium research too. Called RTR-Project (Radkowsky Thorium Reactor).
    Last Week USA and Turkey signed a similar agreement as USA did with India.
    Also El-Baradei was in Turkey and gave his word to assist Turkey in going Nuclear.

    2007 The first construction will begin. And Turkey will in the beginning use Uranium. 20 Years this domestic Uranium will last. Within 20 Years Turkey has toi achieve to modify these Nuclear plants to fuel with Thorium. If it achieves it, then we are an fully independent nation for centuries.

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