TrumpUSA Christianity: Black Mask/Cat; Red Alien; Water-Guns; NRA

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    Is TrumpUSA a hodgepodge of propaganda?

    Here's a modernism-vignette involving Black Mask (DC Comics) and Black Cat (Marvel Comics) engaging with the Red Alien-Xenomorph (a predatory intelligent creature of terrorism) over the dominion(s) of Christianity dominance in mainstream consumerism/capitalism society (America).

    Is terrorism the modern vanity?

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    "Americans found boxes of vampire-blood vials placed on the White House lawn by an unknown person(s). The President tweeted, 'It's nothing more than an elaborate political-protest PR-prank surely carried out by some leftist group or people, so I'm not too frazzled.' However, the CIA ordered its special underground-operative Black Mask, a criminal-turned-agent, to investigate."


    "Black Mask had an uncanny sense of social organization and hierarchy-infiltration, and he remembered some of his experiences working in the criminal underworld linking politics with piracy. Black Mask began snooping around in the Moscow Underground, convinced the culprit was a clan of vampirism-devotees living in Russia and operating as narcotics-smugglers. Black Mask found a strange costumed woman claiming to be a consultant of the vampire-clan."


    "As Black Mask continued chatting with this woman, she revealed her Moscow Underground 'alias' to be Black Cat and that her real name was Felicia Hardy, a former Yale assistant-professor of literature. Black Mask told Black Cat (Felicia) he was actually the crime-syndicate executive (former) named Roman Sionis. Black Mask (Roman) reached out to Black Cat (Felicia), entreating her to join him on a special crusade to infiltrate the vampire-clan and destroy it."


    "Black Cat was truly impressed by Black Mask newfound crime-fighting vigilance/courage, but warned Black Mask that the vampire-clan had genetically-engineered a lethal 'alien-xenomorph' in its labs using genetic-material gifted to them by the Xenomorph species three years ago. The abomination created by the vampire-clan, the 'Red Alien' was a force of pure mayhem and anarchy. It was made in defiance to dominant Christian values symbolic of 'TrumpUSA.' Black Mask realized he'd have to kill Red Alien to discover the intentions of the vampire-blood vials left on the White House lawn (most likely by the vampire-clan)."


    "Black Mask carried two very nifty clear-white toy water-guns filled with a special insulating tube for carrying corrosive acid (HCL) instead of water (H2O). Black Mask would spray the Red Alien with this 'acidic holy water' used for defeating this anti-American 'beast' and Black Mask felt the passion gained from a life geared towards repentance/prayer. Black Mask knew the Red Alien and the vampire-clan would subvert everything about TrumpUSA --- Toys 'R Us, NASDAQ, the NRA, the NSA, the NCAA! Black Mask spotted the Red Alien in a sewer and began rapid-firing it with this two clear guns."


    "After Black Mask (Roman) defeated the Red Alien, he infiltrated the vampire-clan with the assistance of Black Cat (Felicia). Black Mask gained honors and then received insider-info that the vampire-clan placed vampire-blood vials on the White House lawn to criticize the domination of Christianity in consumerism-obsessed TrumpUSA. Black Mask decided to contact three media diplomats --- movie-star Tom Cruise, Ivy League professor Ajay Satan, and movie-star Tom Hanks. Black Mask urged them to make statements in the media/Internet about the value of balancing Christianity with commerce in the modern world of consumerism, media, free-speech, and entertainment. This was a 'principle-based crusade'. Cruise, Ajay, and Hanks were impressed with the life-turnaround of Black Mask (Roman)."


    "As it turned out, Ajay was actually a secret operative for the CIA. He and some of the other 'media diplomats' Black Mask (Roman) reached out to were busy planning a team strike against the Red Alien's lair, sure that there could be more alien-xenomorph abominations hiding there. The team was called RainbowSix [RS]. They carried newly-designed laser-guns designed by the U.S. military (engineers/scientists). RS discovered 10 more xenomorphs in the lair and procedurally destroyed them...all."


    "A RainbowSix [RS] was given a special 'Patriot Medal' by U.S. President Donald Trump, Americans calmed down about the eerie omen/threat regarding the vampire-blood vials placed on the White House lawn. RS was sent to the Pentagon and ordered to work there, underground, and use all kinds of resources to make sure that anti-civilization sentimentalists/terrorists did not align with sufficient power to create total social disorder. Meanwhile, Hollywood (USA) was making comics-adapted American paramilitary-crusader films G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. It was arguably a commerce-society driven 'aesthetics madness'..."


    "All of this information was kept confidential and recorded on a vintage 1980s compact audio-cassette, blue color, and called the Cobra-File [CF]. The CF would be the ultimate declaration of the U.S. 'sub-government' in securing modern networks and labyrinths and therefore eliminating completely the viral threat of new age terrorism (and crime itself). The dream was to make commerce a peace-vehicle and not merely a prize-system distraction away from competition-based warfare (e.g., Gulf War). In fact, many anti-TrumpUSA protesters believed the Gulf War was symbolic of this new age of finance-driven politics (and warfare)."


    TRUMP: It seems that RainbowSix is a powerful force of good.
    CARTER: Black Mask has helped us tremendously with vampire-clan infiltration.
    TRUMP: I hear he's retiring; he's met some beautiful professor named Felicia.
    CARTER: Yes, our officials are busy 'screening' her, ensuring she's not tied to terrorists.
    TRUMP: It's terrible what dark secrets can do in this age of networking/information!
    CARTER: I agree; that's why WikiLeaks is so popular...
    TRUMP: I hear Felicia is a Yale professor!
    CARTER: Americans boast the finest colleges/universities in the world.
    TRUMP: Didn't Ajay's sister attend Oxford for a time before becoming a writer?
    CARTER: Yes, her poem Shadow won the Pulitzer Prize.
    TRUMP: Are you a fan of the comic-book hero The Shadow?
    CARTER: No, but I saw the Alec Baldwin film which was pretty good...
    TRUMP: I'd like to see a movie Shadow vs. RainbowSix.
    CARTER: So which side would be the evil side?
    TRUMP: They both vacillate, and 'evil-Shadow' is genius; I'd want Spielberg to direct!
    CARTER: I liked Catch Me If You Can (Leo DiCaprio) about American check-fraud.
    TRUMP: I wonder how many vampires are out there, Carter.
    CARTER: There will always be more patriots than monsters, Mr. President...



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