Trumps ace in the hole for 2020: “Imagine the job I could have done for you without 24/7 resistance”

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    The Mexicrats have gifted Trump this angle, this TRUMP card.
    I swear, part of me believes that Mexicrats are on his payroll.
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    It's one of a few angles. I do think there is a great deal of material for attack ads that illustrate what Americans are voting on. For instance, the "raise your hand if you support free healthcare for illegal immigrants" question at the Dem debates is food on a platter. No wonder they are doing away with that. I can still see the slow, late hand raise by Biden.

    Regardless, such an attack ad alone will move Independents off the fence to say "to hell with that, I'm voting for Trump tomorrow!" The far left has attacked so many issues that Americans hold true, and the more all people in the U.S feel patriotic, the better it is for Trump.

    Blacks, Hispanics, men and women of all sexual orientation who say, "I sort of like this new USA USA compared to the old, polite, weak America" will all vote for Trump just to keep those feelings of Exceptionalism in the forefront.
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    These are the dem's policies that Trump can abuse with commercials 24/7:

    1. Open borders, tear down the southern border fence/wall (show the stampede of migrants from all over the globe overwhelming the US)
    2. Sanctuary cities & states (show MS-13 and drugs, homeless in CA, needles & poop on the streets, etc.)
    3. Free college (even for illegals, but your kids can't get in because only democrats go to free college, like Lois Lerner punished conservative PACs)
    4. Single Payer Healthcare, aka rationed healthcare, "Medicare for all" (problem is the hospitals would close, only democrats get healthcare)
    5. Eliminate ICE and DHS, turn the US into the EU, with muslim "no go zones" (armed gangs would be running wild, local police overwhelmed)
    6. Promote Globalism, whatever Wall Street wants Wall Street gets, see K-Street Cash (dems say "bribe me" my vote is for sale)
    7. Paris Climate Change Treaty where the US pays $trillions to poor countries (taxes would climb so we could pay India & China & Africa?!)
    8. Stupid trade agreements, e.g tax breaks to move factories overseas ("those jobs are not coming back")
    9. Let China run roughshod over the US for trade and intellectual property (like before Trump)
    10. Let NK develop nukes and ICBM delivery systems, have no one capable of dealing with NK (like before Trump)
    11. Raise taxes to 70% on the wealthy, especially on corporations so they relocate overseas (who needs jobs?, dems have taxes)
    12. Opioid problem running rampant across the US (like before Trump)
    13. Gangs like MS-13 running rampant across the US (imagine this problem w/o borders or ICE)
    14. No steel or mining industries due to foreign "dumping" of subsidized products (like before Trump)
    15. Give $Trillions to Mexico and Central America for a Marshal Plan, but not help US citizens living in tent cities (show tent cities & poop on streets)
    16. Impose gun control, outlaw private gun sales, outlaw AR style rifles, restrict sales of bullets, etc. (Exec Order the 2nd amendment away)
    17. "Green New Deal" Impose a "carbon tax" to punish anyone who works, heats their home, flies, or has a car (do a TV special on this mess)
    18. Anti-business democrat socialists caused Amazon to flee NYC taking 25,000 good paying jobs to VA (dems are anti-jobs)
    19. REPARATIONS to blacks to pay for slavery, $trillions owed by US voters (this is a winning commercial)
    20. Promote or excuse the murder of newborns, i.e. "infanticide" (make the ladies cry commercial)
    21. Change the Electoral College to popular vote (no more GOP presidents, the US becomes Russia, thanks Bernie)
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  4. candycorn

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    He had the House, Senate and the Oval for 2 years. Didn’t get shit done.

    And as of this moment, there is zero new wall being built.

    He’s failed. You’d have to use your imagination to believe that in any way, the blob was successful in his policy initiatives.
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  5. occupied

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    Nov 8, 2011
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    Imagine what he could have done as an absolute monarch? That's supposed to make people like him?
  6. kyzr

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    Didn't get shit done? How about these "Promises Kept". There is a more current list at Promises Kept | President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments
    Signed the first major tax reform in 30 years.
    Federal revenues are increasing as the economy grows. April 2018 had a record surplus of $214 billion.
    Over 500 companies (507) have announced bonuses, wage increases, and new investments.
    Businesses have invested $482 billion in new American projects and employees.
    More than 4.8 million workers received increased wages or bonuses (3.7% of all private workers).
    Provided $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to individuals.
    American families received $3.2 trillion in gross tax cuts and saw the child tax credit double.
    A family of four making $73,000 will get a cut of over $2,000-cutting their taxes in half.
    Nearly doubled the standard deduction.
    Repealed Obamacare’s burdensome individual mandate.
    The bill provides a 20% deduction for small business income, which means $415 billion tax cut.
    Lowered the corporate tax rate from the highest in the industrialized world (35%) to 21%.
    Since President Trump was elected, the American economy has added 3.7 million jobs. One in every 10 of those jobs has been in manufacturing.
    Executive Order to create apprenticeship programs, providing many more Americans access to an affordable education that leads to a well-paying job.

    Eliminated regulations at a two-to-one ratio, issuing 2 deregulatory actions for every new regulatory action.
    Rolled back rules and regulations harming farmers and energy producers, such as the Waters of the United States Rule and the Clean Power Plan.
    Regional and community banks and credit unions got relief after President Trump signed legislation reducing harmful requirements imposed by the Dodd-Frank Act.
    Since President Trump’s election, more than $5 trillion in wealth has been created for the U.S. economy.
    2018 full year GDP 3.0%

    Withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
    Working to defend American intellectual property from China's unfair practices through a range of actions.
    Improved the KORUS trade agreement, which allows more U.S. automobile exports with lower tariffs and increases U.S. pharmaceutical access to South Korea.
    American agriculture has gained access to new markets under President Trump.

    Started building the wall along the southern border
    DHS took action to wind down the (DACA) program in an orderly fashion, following the assessment of the (DOJ) that DACA lacks legal authorization.
    Rescinded the unlawful Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program.
    DHS launched the office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE).
    (ICE) made 110,568 arrests of illegal aliens in 2017, a 40 percent increase compared to the same time period the prior year.
    The number of counties participating in the 287(g) program, which gives state and local law enforcement authority to enforce immigration in their jurisdiction, has doubled.
    In FY 2017, ICE conducted 226,119 removals. The proportion of removals from ICE arrests increased from 65,332, or 27% of total removals in FY 2016 to 81,603, or 36% of total removals.
    The Trump Administration cracked down on sanctuary cities
    The DOJ has worked with Central American partners to arrest and charge about 4,000 MS-13 members.
    DHS arrested 796 MS-13 gang members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the previous year.
    The White House negotiated $1.6 billion in border wall funding.
    Increased ICE funding by more than 10%.
    Federal agents have seized nearly 1 million lbs. (981,000) of narcotics on the border.
    Congress needs to fix the outdated immigration laws:
    1. No catch & release
    2. No diversity lottery
    3. No asylum claims unless pre-approved
    4. No chain migration
    5. Only merit based immigration for who the US needs
    6. No birthright citizenship, i.e. no cottage industry for anchor babies
    7. DACA kids get green cards but NOT citizenship

    Addressed global overcapacity and unfair trade practices in the steel and aluminum industries by announcing a 25 percent tariff on steel imports and 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.
    Worked to bring foreign investment back to the United States so more goods are made in America by American workers.
    South Korean companies announced 64 projects that will invest more than $17 billion in the U.S. over four years and will purchase $58 billion in goods and services.
    Foxconn announced its investment of $10 billion in Wisconsin to build a factory that will employ thousands of workers directly, and up to 22,000 workers indirectly.
    Toyota and Mazda announced a $1.6 billion investment that will go toward a new manufacturing plant in the U.S., creating an estimated 4,000 jobs.
    Broadcom Limited announced they were moving their headquarters back to the United States, bringing potentially $20 billion in annual revenue.
    President Trump and King Salman of Saudi Arabia oversaw the signing of a historic $400 billion in deals between U.S. and Saudi companies.
    To defend U.S. national security interests, President Trump blocked a foreign company from acquiring a U.S. business for only the fourth time in history.
    Department of Commerce has initiated 79 antidumping and countervailing duties (AD/CVD) investigations.
    USTR initiated a Section 301 investigation into Chinese policies, acts, and practices related to technology transfer, licensing, and intellectual property are discriminatory.
    The Treasury and State put new sanction rules to channel economic activity away from the Cuban government, particularly the military, and towards the people of Cuba.
    Considering a range of actions to respond to China’s acts, policies, and practices involving the unfair and harmful acquisition of U.S. technology.
    China imposes contractual restrictions on the licensing of intellectual property and foreign technology into their country.
    In 2014, the U.S charged five Chinese military hackers for cyber-esponiage committed against U.S. corporations and a labor organization for commercial advantage.
    An interagency analysis estimated that China's unfair acts, policies, and practices caused tens of billions in dollars in damages to the US each year.
    Conducted 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations in 2017. This was a 58 percent increase in investigations over 2016.
    USTR won a WTO compliance challenge against China’s unfair antidumping and countervailing duties on U.S. poultry exports, China terminated those duties.
    The US won a WTO dispute regarding Indonesia’s unfair import licensing regime restricting U.S. agricultural exports.
    A WTO compliance panel found that U.S. tuna labeling rules designed to inform consumers about safe fishing practices were consistent with WTO standards.
    The WTO rejected allegations by the European Union that Boeing was receiving prohibited subsidies.
    A WTO panel rejected claims by the EU that alleged U.S. subsidies to Boeing were causing serious prejudice to Airbus, instead finding that 28 of 29 challenged programs were consistent with WTO rules.
    South Korea and Japan pledged to build closer defense collaboration with the United States, and the President underscored the commitment of the US to provide advanced military equipment.
    Cooperation was boosted between the Quad countries (the United States, Japan, India and Australia) on the sidelines of ASEAN in Manila.
    The US to promote prosperity and security in the region by modernizing America’s development finance institutions and increasing their coordination with Japanese counterparts.
    Persuaded allies to develop national plans to boost defense spending up to 2 percent of GDP by 2024, and for NATO to formally join the coalition to defeat ISIS at the 2017 NATO Leaders’ meeting.
    UN Security Council unanimously passed new sanctions on North Korea.
    Secured new commitments from Vietnam and China to increase pressure on NK.
    China affirmed it would fully implement UN Security Council resolutions to pressure North Korea.

    Signed $700 billion in DoD funding to rebuild our military in 2018, the largest amount in history.
    Gave the military a 2.4% pay raise, the biggest since 2010
    Released a new National Security Strategy that makes clear that Russia is undertaking actions that threaten the security of the US and our allies, and outlines steps to stop Russia’s malign interference.
    Increased funding for the Euro Deterrence Initiative, providing billions to increase U.S. troop readiness in Europe, deter Russian aggression, and defend our NATO allies.
    Enhanced its support for Ukraine’s Armed Forces to help Ukraine improve its ability to defend itself.
    Working to pressure Russia back into compliance with the INF Treaty to ensure that Russia does not gain strategic advantage from its treaty violations.
    Announced the closure of a Russian consulate and two diplomatic annexes in response to Russia’s cutting of the number of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Russia.
    Attributed the worldwide NotPetya cyber-attack to the Russian military.
    Banned the use of Kaspersky Labs software on U.S. government computers due to Kaspersky ties to Russian intelligence.
    Charged three Russians, including two officers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), with criminal charges for the 2014 Yahoo hack.
    Maintained the closure of two Russian compounds and the expulsion of 35 diplomats in response to Russian interference in the 2016 election.
    New the Election Infrastructure Councils to increase information sharing across all levels of government and with private sector providers of voting and registration systems.
    During the 2017 elections, provided onsite cybersecurity support to States, to ensure that their electoral infrastructure is secure, will continue to provide assistance in 2018
    Proposed a new rule under the Patriot Act that would prohibit Latvia’s ABLV bank, which has been laundering illicit Russian funds, from opening or maintaining correspondent accounts in the US.
    Announced Russia Magnitsky Sanctions and Global Magnitsky Sanctions respectively.
    Imposed export controls against two Russian companies that were helping Russia to develop missiles that violate the INF Treaty.
    Response to Russia’s occupation of Crimea and aggression in Eastern Ukraine, the Trump Administration sanctioned 58 targets on June 20, 2017, and 42 targets on 1/26/18
    Continues to take a direct approach to confront Russia where it threatens our institutions, our interests, or our allies.
    Imposed sanctions against 16 Russian entities and individuals that were previously indicted for their roles in Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
    Imposed sanctions against two Russian intelligence agencies and six senior Russian intelligence officials for their significant efforts to undermine U.S. cyber security.
    Two of the officials are newly sanctioned. The remaining two agencies and four individuals were previously sanctioned and are being re-designated under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).
    Called out the Russian government for its malicious cyber activity targeting U.S. critical infrastructure, including failed attempts on the energy sector.
    Released a separate DHS/FBI Joint Analytic Report that shares technical threat information to improve the network defenses of American infrastructure and raises the cost on the Russian government.
    Ordered missile strikes against a Syrian airbase after the Assad regime used it to launch chemical weapons attacks against civilians.
    Prevented further chemical weapons attacks by announcing detection of their preparation and warning Syria that they would be struck again if the attacks were carried out.
    Imposed new sanctions on the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela, targeting the regime itself, and not just individuals, for the first time.
    Putting maximum pressure on North Korea to denuclearize.
    Revived the National Space Council to develop and implement a new national space policy and strategy.
    Elevated the U.S. Cyber Command into a major warfighting command, to advance U.S. efforts in cyberspace
    Withdrew from the U.N. Global Compact on Migration to reassert American sovereignty over our borders.
    Signed Executive Order 13780, which restricted travel from certain countries that do not have sufficient security or share enough information.
    Worked tirelessly to defeat ISIS and terrorism around the world.
    Announced the National Guard Would Be Deployed to the Southwest Border
    NATO Member Poland Agrees to Buy and Deploy the U.S. Patriot Missile Defense System

    DOJ announced more than $98 million in grant funding through the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services COPS Hiring Program to allow 802 additional full-time law enforcement officers.
    DOJ has supported students whose free-speech rights have been under attack on university campuses.
    Executive Order 13809 to restore State and local law enforcement’s access to surplus equipment from the Defense Department, such as armored vehicles.
    Executive Orders – 13773, 13774, and 13776 – aimed at cracking down on international criminal organizations, including drug cartels and gangs, and preventing violence against law enforcement officers.
    Creation of the new National Public Safety Partnership, a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crimes.
    Designated MS-13 as a priority for the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, to allow Federal law enforcement to utilize an expanded toolkit in its efforts to dismantle the organization.
    Expanded Project Safe Neighborhoods to encourage U.S. Attorney’s to work with communities to develop customized crime reduction strategies.
    Convicted eight members of the Rendon-Reyes Trafficking Organization, on Fed charges of forcing young women from Mexico and Latin America into prostitution.
    Returned to longstanding DOJ charging policy for our Federal prosecutors, trusting and directing them to return to charging the most serious, readily provable offense.
    The White House nominee for Supreme Court Justice- Neil Gorsuch-was confirmed on April 7th.
    The White House nominee for Supreme Court Justice- Brett Kavanaugh -was confirmed on October 6th.
    Prosecutors were directed by the Department of Justice to focus on taking illegal guns off our streets.
    Signed Rep. Rutherford's STOP School Violence Act and Sens. Cornyn-Murphy "Fix NICS Act."
    Approved $2 billion for school safety.
    August 2018 - 24 Circuit Court Confirmations and 45 Federal Judges
    The Circuit Court Judges “Will Shape Decisions On Immigration, Voting Rights, Abortion, and the environment for generations.”
    There are 179 Authorized Judgeships For The U.S. Court Of Appeals and Republicans “Have The Power To Install More Than 20 Percent of the Judges on the nation’s second-highest court.”
    Trump signs criminal justice reform bill

    The Department of the Interior proposed its largest oil and gas lease of over 76 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Executive Order to expand offshore oil and gas drilling and open more leases to develop offshore drilling.
    Acted aggressively to increase exports of energy resources to the global market. This allowed financing for coal and fossil energy projects.
    The Department of Energy announced the approval of the Lake Charles Liquefied Natural Gas terminal.
    American LNG export opportunities increased under the Trump Administration.
    Oil and gas development was unleashed because of expanded resources and infrastructure needed to get them to market.
    Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, supporting an estimated total of 42,000 indirect jobs and $2 billion in wages.
    Approved the New Burgos Pipeline, a cross-border project that will export U.S. gasoline to Mexico.
    Promoted responsible oil and gas development on Federal lands.
    Directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rescind the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).
    According to NERA Economic Consulting, the CPP would have increased electricity rates by as much as 14 percent, costing American households up to $79 billion.
    The EPA reconsidered Obama-era rule on methane emissions that would cost American energy developers an estimated $530 million annually.
    The EPA was directed by the Energy Independence Executive Order to repeal of the Clean Power Plan.
    The Administration estimates that repealing the Clean Power Plan could eliminate up to $33 billion in compliance costs in 2030.
    Signed legislation to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to domestic energy production.
    Kept campaign promise to get America out of the Paris Climate Agreement, saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

    Mobilized his entire Administration to address drug addiction and opioid abuse by directing the declaration of a Nationwide Public Health Emergency.
    Created a bipartisan opioid commission and they issued 56 recommendations to help defeat the opioid crisis.
    Directed HHS to declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency, allowing grant money to be used to combat abuse.
    International Narcotics Trafficking Emergency Response By Detecting Incoming Contraband With Technology (INTERDICT Act) that gave customs agents $9 million for screening tools.
    HHS announced it would provide $485 million in grants to states and territories to combat the opioid crisis. In fiscal year 2017, HHS invested nearly $900 million in opioid-specific funding.
    Proposed changes to Medicaid to combat the opioid crisis.
    Executive order to reform the US healthcare system to take steps to expand choices and alternatives to Obamacare and increase competition to bring down costs for consumers.
    Repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate, which required individuals to purchase a health care plan they may not want or be able to afford.
    The Secretary of Labor agreed to expand access to Association Health Plans (AHPs), which could potentially allow American employers to form groups across State lines.
    The FDA has approved the most number of generic drugs in history in order to increase competition in the marketplace and lower the cost of prescription drugs for all Americans.

    Allocated $50 billion to empower rural America to address the infrastructure needs of their communities.
    Transportation projects which will rebuild roads, bridges, railways, and other vital infrastructure.
    Broadband deployment projects which will improve access for rural communities.
    Water and waste projects to help ensure rural families have access to clean water.
    Power and electric projects to provide rural areas with reliable, affordable power.
    Water resources projects to better manage flood risk and improve rural water supplies and waterways.
    Made clear that broadband should be an infrastructure priority

    Promises Kept | President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments

    As for the wall construction status
    Trump's border wall - in seven charts
    Overall, $6.1bn in funding had been secured by May 2019 to build 336 miles of new and replacement border wall, according to US Customs and Border Protection. This includes funding approved by Congress as well as extra cash Mr Trump has been able to access since he declared a state of emergency in February.

    The 336 miles of planned barrier includes: 86 miles of "new primary wall", 24 miles of "new levee wall" and 226 miles of replacement barriers. About 40 miles of replacement barriers have so far been completed, with construction of a further 55 miles now under way. Department of Defense funding is also paying for an additional 131 miles.

    The first construction on any extension to existing structures - what could be termed new barrier - has started in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, where 13 miles of "new border wall system and levee wall system" is being built.

    Although a further 95 miles is planned for that location, construction at five major landmarks along its length has been prohibited and some landowners have gone to court in an attempt to stop building on their property.
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    Midwest of America
    Why is it not surprising that making excuses would be your ace in the hole?

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    South carolina
    He got us tax cuts.
    He also got Mexico to pay their troops to close their border, so is slows illegals at our border. Even though liberals are fighting him tooth and nail. He is getting things done, despite unamerican liberals trying to bring him down.
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    Unless you’re a millionaire, that’s a false statement for most people.
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    Zero new wall is being built even after that cut and paste garbage. Pressuring North Korea? Make me laugh harder.

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