Tribal chiefs join opposition to Yemeni president

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    This has the makings of a real problem for us.
    Tunisia is one thing, Egypt another ( which is problematic too) but Yemen has its own set of unique issues, its geography and the fact that AQ and its cousins has been very very busy there.

    By AMHED AL-HAJ, Associated Press Amhed Al-haj, Associated Press – Sat Feb 26, 2:28 pm ET

    SANAA, Yemen – Yemen's embattled president suffered back-to-back blows Saturday: hundreds of thousands called for his ouster in the largest anti-government rallies yet and two powerful chiefs from his own tribe abandoned him.

    The huge turnout reported in towns and cities across Yemen and the defection of the tribal chiefs were the latest signs that President Ali Abdullah Saleh may be losing his grip on the impoverished, conflict-ridden country.

    Saleh appeared to be hardening his stance, after initially offering protesters to engage in dialogue and promising that the security forces would not use force against them. Yemeni TV on Saturday quoted him as telling army commanders that the armed forces will not hesitate to "defend the security of the nation as well as the unity, freedom and democracy."

    On Friday, troops opened fire on demonstrators in the port city of Aden, killing at least four and wounding 43, according to security and medical officials. The London-based Amnesty International said it has received reports that at least 11 protesters were killed in Yemen on Friday, and that security forces prevented residents from taking some of the wounded to hospitals.

    Tribal chiefs join opposition to Yemeni president - Yahoo! News

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