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    This is a sociological vignette involving the Xenomorph (fictional predatory creature from the iconic Alien sci-fi horror-film franchise), sardonic film-maker Woody Allen (director of Celebrity and Sleeper), red and black ants(!), and comic books.

    It was inspired by the film Toys (Robin Williams).


    The iconic black Xenomorph and its cousin the virulent red Xenomorph are obviously symbols of life having become extremely dangerous. The black Xenomorph (bX) and the red Xenomorph (rX) are a terrible pair when considering the net result of hybridization of otherwise universally malevolent/carnivorous organic species! So how can we profit from the fertilization of such dystopian sci-fi horror oriented imagination?


    The black Ant (bA) and the red Ant (rA) are symbols of organic life seen/observed/catalogued in nature reminding us of the splendors and eccentricity of creation itself. The bA does not sting like the rA does, but both species of Ants exhibit high-details of creative teamwork and group-oriented goal-directed behaviour, which is why Ants (in general) have been compared to the tediously and regularly roaming humans in the network-driven modern mechanical urban environment. The bA and the rA are paired by human storytellers seeking to capture/characterize the basic 'sanctity' of contours in nature which life can 'tolerate.'


    Americans like travelling and learning by experience. The Sand Hostel in America typifies a social perspective on the profitability of well-shared spaces representing lifestyle comforts and chosen amenities geared towards revitalizing the resident/traveller so that he/she may be more 'productive' to humanity. The Sand Hostel's security is why we have the NSA and the Navy, and it's why we make colloquial jokes such as, "No nature-loving human building a tree-house is unshaken by wood-devouring termites!"


    We use these philosophical 'structuralism memes' to categorize/understand what governs constructive happiness, natural safety, and colourful inspiration. We think of the building-blocks (or baby-blocks!) of life and the intellectual joy of making things through aggregative 'stacking' and the odd sado-masochistic pleasure of destroying things (or taking them apart!). We find these structural memes in civics-paranoia pedestrian tales (i.e., comic books) and unusual civilization-sanity pensive 'avatars' (i.e., comic book characters) such as Brainiac (DC Comics), Captain America (Marvel Comics), and Harley Quinn (DC Comics). These 'avatars' reveal humanity's curiosity about 'contoured psychiatry.'


    GOD: Do you think Trump likes Captain America?
    SATAN: I think President Trump likes Kingpin (Marvel Comics).
    GOD: Why Kingpin?
    SATAN: Kingpin is an urban tycoon representing heightened piracy.
    GOD: Are you saying Trump is biased because of his capitalism background?
    SATAN: I think it's natural for Trump to think of America as a corporation!
    GOD: Trump did own a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Trump Taj Mahal).
    SATAN: The boardwalk in Atlantic City is made of wood, and it reminds me of termites.
    GOD: Yes, even the iconic Boardwalk (in Atlantic City) has visitors 'pensive' about termites.
    SATAN: You can't build a civilization without entertaining the 'meditation on deconstruction.'
    GOD: Is that why Woody Allen made the films Deconstructing Harry and Antz?
    SATAN: I believe so, and he also made the sociology-parody films Celebrity and Manhattan.
    GOD: Maybe Woody Allen should make an Alien sci-fi horror-parody film.
    SATAN: I think Trump needs to think about the modernism value of Carnage (Marvel Comics).
    GOD: Yes, Carnage resembles a red-ant or red Xenomorph and typifies urban rage.
    SATAN: Carnage is a mutant whose flesh flies towards pure anarchy --- a real terrorist.
    GOD: Terrorism is the hallmark of modern folklore.
    SATAN: Let's never forget 9/11...




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