Tower of Babel: A Capitalism Diary

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    The Tower of Babel is a Biblical structure signifying the 'merging' of languages/tongues and peoples but in a way rather complicatedly representative of modern-day capitalism 'hair-loss,' the kind we see re-presented in modernism-obsession films such as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Ruthless People.



    Americans loved playing the capitalism-symbolic real-estate board-game Monopoly (Parker Brothers), but in the real world, there was much anti-capitalism angst and terrorism rose to confound basic commercial idealism (e.g., 9/11).


    American consumerism and entertainment was experimenting with images of great bravado, sensuality, gratification, and even vanity in the new millennium, and Christian priests wondered if all this 'commercial flowery' was creating a dangerous amount of moral apathy.


    Americans might want to hoist a 'golden child' as a prophetic 'capitalism deity' or even mascot, since consumerism catered to all kinds of festive brand-marketing mascots such as Lucky the Leprechaun for Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, but was this sort of idol-worship good for morale or did it contribute to forms of rebelliousness?


    As European mail-order-brides listed themselves on the Internet to find American husbands who would offer them residential-status in the USA upon consent of marriage, strange crime-stories arose involving these mail-order-damsels being exploited...or even murdered.


    A valiant time-travelling knight named Alas was beckoned by the spirit of a Catholic nun named Ellen who was living in 2010 Los Angeles. Ellen was concerned about these new age vanities after 9/11, when the World Trade Center was destroyed by anti-capitalism terrorists, and so she prayed for a knight to arrive in modern-day America to create optimism, and Alas was the knight who heard her prayers. Alas saw all kinds of racism and threats to networking and pluralism and commerce in 2010 Los Angeles and decided to start blogging about a capitalism-defending 'American vigilante' named Dick Tracy who would offer enthusiasm to consumers perhaps jaded by all these traffic vanities. Alas used the Internet to reverse the trend of mass apathy.


    Alas was 'knighted' by the Lady of the Lake after Alas prayed to her in a Christian church, aware that she was the timeless keeper of the magical sword Excalibur. The Lady explained to Alas that 2010 Los Angeles needed serious rebuke and restoration so it would not cater to the sort of urban anarchy seen during the Race Riots of 1992. Alas realized he was 'destined' to continue blogging about the capitalism-vigilante Dick Tracy, and he used the charm of Excalibur to help him type with swift words of enchantment.


    As anti-capitalism terrorists such as ISIS and Cobra decided that Trump Tower in United Nations Plaza in New York was the official "Tower of Babel" and plotted terrorist-schemes, comic book writers penned apocalyptic stories about NYC and all of America being ravaged by sentiments contentious to the idealism of peace-promoting commerce.


    A demonic clown named Pennywise rose from the underworld and began distributing balloons filled with cocaine to youngsters in inner-cities in America. Pennywise was a messenger of evil, and he opposed the sort of vigilance-oriented optimism that the time-travelling good knight Alas tried to promote with Internet fables. Pennywise was the new Rumpelstiltskin, and he cheered on terrorists trying to demolish Trump Tower as the proverbial "Tower of Babel."


    A corrupt Chicago crime-syndicate boss known as Kingpin established ties to drug-dominions in South America and used the money to create networks in political circles to magnify his influence/power. One journalist noted that Kingpin was worse than Al Capone since his ties to the world of commerce made him much more 'legitimate' and hence dangerously 'social.'


    Meanwhile, the FBI pursued a 'tribe' of masked psychopaths referring to themselves as 'The Strangers.' These masked maniacs murdered suburbanites with flame-throwers and crossbows and then ate their dead/charred bodies, declaring that cannibalism was a way to manage population growth in this modern age of high-traffic. The Strangers were like the Manson Family, but no one knew exactly why they wanted to 'seem' political.


    As journalists reported on U.S. President Donald Trump, former capitalism-baron and the first celebrity-president since Ronald Reagan (from the "Big '80s"), engaged in politics-clouding sex-scandals and racism-tweets on the Internet, Alas the knight wondered if his fables about Dick Tracy would be sufficient to create the necessary optimism to hoist the modern American consumer/capitalist from all this 'traffic filth and fury.'


    Alas was something of a 'centurion' since 2010 Los Angeles was something like a 'resurrected Roman Empire,' and Alas took in his arms a damsel Internet mail-order-bride who was being stalked by a psycho, a member of The Strangers, who pretended to be a well-intentioned groom seeking a prosperous life. Alas knew this 'Internet-damsel' (named Eileen) was a modern-day Mary Magdalene and wondered if modern-day American 'insanity' would simply 'swallow her up.'


    As Pennywise continued his reign of evil prophecy and prayed to a demonic Red Dragon which would watch all this modern-era hysteria from a mountaintop in California, Alas continued to pray in his Christian church and keep faith that his enchanting sword Excalibur would be able to dispel all this 'silent pollution.'


    American film-makers penned dramatic/graphic films such as World War Z and The Purge: Anarchy to capture all this new millennium traffic-based foolishness. Where were the scholars who would re-present this modern era 'tremor' as a signpost for true capitalism immaturity?


    Alas managed to create a great deal of optimism among the common man who enjoyed reading his idealistic and fun capitalism-idealistic Dick Tracy fables and started thinking more about Monopoly (Parker Brothers) and less about World War Z. Would Trump Tower still be hailed as the undeniable "Tower of Babel" or sign of poor hygiene?



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