Totalitarian Arab-Islamic Middle East vs Israel 100% free speech

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    While in Iran, Syria Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, etc. / all Arab-Muslim counties... self criticism is either limited or banned altogether. Only in the true democracy I the ME - Israel, free speech is really open and free for all.
    That dustbin newspaper Haaretz which basically supports Arab racism and violence against Israel, is open to spew its garbage within Democratic Israel.

    PA always intimidate journalism...

    West Bank: What the West is Funding
    Oct. 2012– Harb said that the decision to summon him for questioning was in the context of the Palestinian Authority leadership's campaign to intimidate ...
    West Bank: What the West is Funding :: Gatestone Institute


    "The Case Against Israel's Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace," p. 3
    Israel's media have become models of openness and self-criticism, in which every perspective from the hard anti-Zionist left to the hardest right may be heard and seen. So may Israeli Arabs, many of whom do not accept the legitimacy of the ...
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