Tony Fermin & Durga: Media Ministry

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    This is a media-culture parable inspired by Talk Radio.

    Signing off,


    Tony Fermin was a respected Italian-American descended casino-dealer at the Mohegan Sun gaming center in Connecticut. Fermin wore closely-cropped black matted hair and a beard and sometimes a moustache and cared very much about personal hygiene and self-presentation. The patrons at the Mohegan Sun referred to Fermin as the 'Charmin Fermin,' and no one could say anything poorly about the all-around diligent fellow at all...until a comedian wandered into town, claiming Fermin tried to rape Goddess Durga (Hindu deity of feminine monarchy). The comedian, Stefan Wright, claimed Fermin was a hoarder and exploiter of gender-gaps in the entertainment/recreation industry. Wright gave himself the on-stage alias the Cuckoo.


    Cuckoo insisted Fermin was an anathema to Goddess Durga and that the Hindu pantheon demanded reparations and security assurances from the metaphysical danger 'Charmin Fermin' was putting the patrons of the Mohegan Sun into, so Cuckoo created stand-up routines comparing Charmin Fermin to a 'fraggle-creature' (someone/something that neither yearns nor dreams). Cuckoo's jokes were a big hit, and soon, Charmin Fermin was not as popular in the proverbial 'court of public opinion' as he once was, so Cuckoo toned down his routine (to seem less insulting/offensive/commandeering). Goddess Durga was pleased that at least the word of Fermin's closeness to the metaphysical dangers of gambling was being disseminated!


    Then, the clouds parted, and Fermin revealed he was Jesus of Nazareth, returned to Earth for the Second Coming --- for Revelation and the End of Days! According to 'Charmin Fermin' (aka, 'Jesus'), the world was media obsessed in the modern age and it 'spewed' out into the pedestrian activities of agreed-upon 'normal' recreational rituals (e.g., casino-gaming). Films such as Casino and Hard Eight represented a commerce-driven 'moral apathy' towards the spiritual frailties associated with imaginarium liberalness --- so Fermin/Jesus prophesied that he should carry a giant toy rifle (to signify his End of Days focus on consumerism hysteria). Goddess Durga simply thought Charmin Fermin was endorsing the NRA, but Charlton Heston liked what Fermin was 'spewing' and began to doubt Goddess Durga.


    The showdown was rather intriguing and represented media consciousness. I mean, who would have believed that the media age would be considered anything more 'giddy' than 'mindless millions streaming online'? Fermin/Jesus said that the archangel Michael would descend to ensure that human beings (especially wayward men seduced by the wicked AntiChrist --- perhaps a Hollywood movie superstar such as Tom Cruise!) paid due respect to modernism technologies and that the Devil (or 'Dragon') would test the species' faith and idealism regarding commerce and globalization (e.g., NASDAQ, Facebook, email, eBay, etc.). It seemed for a while that Charmin Fermin (aka, 'Jesus') was offering more weight than expected, but Goddess Durga put forward a considerably serious/strong feminist argument to challenge the entire arena --- "Women never yearn for war, since it is counter-intuitive to fertilization!"



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