Time Warp Towns Make Road Trip Gold

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    Time Warp Towns

    These are out-of-time discoveries that make for road-trip gold.

    Time-warp towns are those out-of-time discoveries that make for road-trip gold: downtowns populated with of former Woolworths-turned- antiques booth malls, neon signs for Rheingold or Schaeffer, gingerbread detailing, town squares, monuments, cobblestones, and/or apple pie! The buildings where the local history was made are still standing, and if you squint it seems like you’ve gone back in time.

    Consulting a few local experts including Wendy Van Hove of Roadside Wonders as well as drawing from personal road trip experience, we singled out nine such towns, aiming for ones that were more than blips on the map, picking spots with historic districts and those with enough points of interest to sustain a visit.

    Time-Warp Towns

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