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    Time and money are two of the most important commodities that we as individuals can control. Now before you jump down my throat about how money is not one of the most important things in life, please realize that money is the medium that we use to obtain the necessities of living and to secure a measure of security for ourselves and our families. While it's true that money is not necessary to live, we as a society have come to depend on the use of money. I am not advocating abolishing money, but rather attempting to put money in its proper context as a tool to be used.

    Time on the other hand, while related to money in that it can be called a commodity, is a different entity. But, time is still a tool to be used to achieve any number of things as is money

    Now can one use similar strategies to optimize the use of time and money in relation to achieving what we would call security?

    Keep in mind that security is not just financial in nature though that is how we tend to think of being secure. There is also security in being mentally fit, physically hale and emotionally balanced and time and money are the most important ingredients in gaining and keeping one's total security.

    Is there a single, simple strategy that will allow us to use time and money optimally?

    I believe there is and when you realize how obvious it is, you, like I, may wonder why most people don't seem to understand how time and money are best used. You see people in a flurry of busyness, squandering both time and money as if it meant nothing, as if activity, the use itself of time and money, is the end and not the means of gaining security.

    "Where does the money go?"," I don't have enough time."

    How often do you hear these laments? I hear them daily. Everywhere you go, time and money saving gimmicks are hawked in commercials but these sales pitches never tell you what the most important aspect of time and money is. And it is the same for both.

    Now money is different for everyone. Some earn more and some earn less. Some are born into money and some are born into poverty, but money is part of everyone's life.

    Time is allotted more equally, we all have the same number of hours in a day to use and give or take, we all have a similar number of years to live.

    So if we can agree that we all have time and money that are ours and that belong to us individually to be used as we see fit, then what is the one unifying strategy to use both time and money to achieve financial, mental, physical and emotional security?

    The key is to realize that some of the time you have and some of the money you make is your to keep.

    Some of every 24 hours of every day are yours, to be used for you and nothing or no one else. Use some of your time to improve yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. Read, learn to play an instrument, take a walk or work out, invest in yourself daily and diligently .

    Similarly, some of the money you earn is yours to keep. All of your money does not have to be spent. Use a portion of the fruits of your labor for your security, your future and mind that money as a shepherd minds his flock. Be disciplined and diligent with your money.

    The next step is to decide how much time and money to keep as yours. Here, the amounts can vary but I suggest that you start at 10% for both time and money.

    Roughly two and a half hours a day should be for you and no one else. Be selfish with this time and allow no distractions or intrusions. Turn off your phone. Send the kids out or leave them home with your spouse or a sitter. Take your time and use it to improve your mental, physical and emotional well being. Your loved ones will also reap the benefits of your personal investment. As you are healthier, you will be able to give more to them freely because you have given to yourself.

    What would the commitment of two and a half hours a day, seventeen and a half hours a week, devoted to some aspect of your own well being for the rest of your life do for you? What could you accomplish? How would your loved ones benefit from having a healthier, happier person in their lives? How would you benefit if your loved ones did the same?

    If you saved 10% of the money you earned for the sole purpose of using it for you and no one else, what could you do. The amount, unlike time, will be different for everyone but the results will be similar. Over time, what would 10% of your money do for you? You could invest prudently and have your money grow over time. You could start a small side business venture. You could simply carry some more money in your wallet and enjoy knowing that it is yours, for you, and no one else. imagine what would that 10% mean to you if you committed to this simple strategy?

    I have been applying this strategy, not 100% effectively but i have been diligent in the attempt, since I was 30 years old when a man I respected gave me this same advice. I admired him, his position and his accomplishments. I found that he was born into poverty and orphaned at a young age but still became successful, not just financially but successful in all the aspects of his life that I admired. His relationship with his wife and kids was healthy, he was fit physically and mentally, even as he entered his eighties. I wanted what he had. When he told me his secret, as he called it, I thought he was kidding . I was looking for some great business advice, or some ready made plan that would make me successful. I didn't think it was as simple as he said, but I trusted him and promised him i would try.

    Please don't think, as I did, that simple is easy because it is definitely not. the breaking of old and the making of new habits is hard work. It took me years to build up to following this advice just 50% of the time. But something as important as your life and its quality deserves some hard work doesn't it?

    My friend recently passed away at 92 years old. I attended his funeral along with hundreds of others who had the honor of knowing him and benefiting from his wisdom and kindness. I thought as a small tribute to him that i would share his secret with you here, to use or not as you see fit. But really, what have you got to lose by giving it a shot?

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