This is what happens when liberal ideas rule the roost

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by VOY, Sep 30, 2008.

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    The heart of this economic crisis is in our nation's desire to see every bum with healthcare, every low-wage worker in a house, every poverty stricken person -- even if they don't belong here -- with a welfare check...per child that they've popped out (which only encourages them to have more).

    This is what happens when the far leftist ideas that border Marxism are allowed to rule this country. Marxism has already failed in history. Why did this country need to pursue its ideals yet again just to prove why it doesn't work yet again? The problem we have today isn't because of capitalism. It's because we've let all of the Nancy Pelosi / Barack Obama extremist liberals run this country away from capitalism.

    If you think voting for Obama is going to change anything, you're absolutely correct. He's going to (try anyway) change this country's very foundation from a capitalistic society to a Marxist society, and we are going to fall because of it. Obama is by far the most liberal of all the liberals we have to offer, and it's the broken and flawed far left desires to have everyone in the country have everything they want that will break our backs. Extremism is never good in either direction -- left or right -- and Obama is exactly that. Obama together with a Nancy Pelosi controlled Congress is about as scary as it can possibly get. Liberals will think they've won if Obama is elected, but the truth of the matter is that we will ALL lose.

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