These are not Deathpanels.

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    I've heard this thrown around that the reason they want to fund abortions is because if they don't they would have to pay for all those babies. This is what Stupak said in this article

    I wonder what would happen if something else got to expensive such as end of life care or any other care they thought just to expensive. I hate to use the word deathpanels so I will just call it the-money-we-don't-have-for-your-life-or-death-treatment-panels. They will then decide what gets funded and what does not. You can't call them death panels because I'm sure they will fund something that saves someone's life until they run out of money. At that point, these 'panels' will decide who gets funded and who does not and I'm sure to those who do get funded will not call them death panels since it saved their life. I don't know what those who's life saving treatment did not get funded will call them but here is a suggestion. They can call them they-taxed-me-and-all-I-got-a-sorry-you will-die-panel

    No matter what you call them I would never call them deathpanels because that would be just to damn ludicrous. Deathpanels...LOL...Everything gets funded...LOL...Whoever heard of such an idea...of course government never runs out of money....of course people who pay for things never feel they have control over what they are paying for...LOL...My parents told me that they pay for everything and I don't have to do what they tell me...LOL
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