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    Legend has it that when Christopher Columbus set sail on the open seas he passed by the pillars of Hercules. The pillars held up scrolls with the Latin writing, “Ne Plus Ultra” - “No more beyond.” The Spaniards posted the scroll as a warning to sailors not to enter the Atlantic Ocean because they believed there was nothing beyond that point.

    After his death, Spain honored the remarkable explorer with a monument inscribed, “More Beyond.”
    The very idea of more beyond is what drives explorers to the furthest ends of the earth.

    The relatively recent discovery of Hang Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is truly amazing. A local villager Mr. Ho Khahn, first happened upon the cave in 1991. Since then it has been explored by world leading cave experts who have confirmed it is the largest cave on earth known to mankind.

    Technology today affords us the opportunity to see this magnificent cave and get that 'other world' experience which otherwise would be impossible for most of us. I should emphasize 'other world' because that was the first impression I had after watching the film. The beauty of Vietnam is surreal. The video footage of the cave is spectacular.

    Instantly the viewer is transported to an oasis of pure solitude. Perfectly formed, lush foliage, untouched ground, a forest hidden within and a massive river that flows through its center. Time appears to have virtually stood still inside the massive cave. For cave explorers, the discovery of Hang Son Doong cave was quite literally off the charts.

    The cave contains some of the tallest stalagmites in the world. The sound of rushing water and whistling wind can be heard near the entrance. The mammoth cave is large enough to contain a skyscraper. It's utterly breathtaking. Some have nicknamed the cave, “Garden of Eden.” Officially it is known as “Mountain River Cave” because there is a subterranean river running through it.

    I found the film to be rejuvenating. I would have preferred to have heard the sound of the whistling wind that echoes through the cave's inner chambers but the music added by the video's creator, Ryan Deboot, was well selected.

    The government of Quang Binh has granted permits for tours to the cave where explorers can pitch their tents and camp on site.

    It is interesting that this cave could have been discovered hundreds of years ago. It wasn't until 1991 that the cave was first discovered. What a timely discovery! It is certainly giving today's explorers renewed interest and hope throughout the world!


    Hang Son Doong reminds me that there's still more beyond.
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