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    I like lots of Asian drama. Japan and Korean and the rest of them all have government insurance for healthcare like we have been told, but things are run very differently.

    As near as I can figure, the government will pick up the tab for catastrophic care, cancer, obstetrics, pediatrics etc. but not the whole thing, and there is a huge deductible. Also, and I find this very weird, the family is allowed to have a member of the family in the hospital room with the patient to assist in care. The family is expected to pay for meals, laundry and other incidentals,
    and the family is expected to show up for consultations with the doctor.

    I gather that the government has a list of conditions it will pay for. Everything else is your responsibility, and even a lot of the expenses associated with government paid for care are still the families problem.

    Of course, this kind of cultural norm is just part of the oriental weirdness that westerners find so odd, but it is probably the reason that health care in the orient doesn't have issues like euthanasia that plague the Canadian and French systems, the pediatric aids epidemic that is government care in Russia and the general incompetence and malingering that seems to be the English system.

    Instead of trying to bring in broken models like the Canadian system, why isn't there more research into the functioning models like Korea and Japan?

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