The world’s biggest indoor ski resort has opened in China

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    Visiting an indoor ski slope is a great way to practise technique and get a feel for skiing or snowboarding. But the Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort, which opened in China last week, potentially banishes the need to visit the mountains altogether – it’s been named the world’s largest indoor ski resort.

    Although its slope isn’t the longest indoor run in the world, it is the largest in terms of sheer size and the area it covers – roughly 80,000 square metres.

    .....The new ski resort is part of the Harbin Wanda City project. The city of Harbin sits near China’s northern border with Russia, and has a winter that can last as long as six months, with temperatures plummeting as low as -36°C. Harbin hosts an annual International Ice and Snow Festival, which features some of the world’s largest ice sculptures.
    The world’s biggest indoor ski resort has opened in China

    That is almost kind of cool. I've never been to an indoor ski slope.

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