The USPS sucks!

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    Stick a fork in me cause I'm done. Besides the purchase of stamps, I will no longer being doing business with the USPS.

    This time of year I am busy putting together gift baskets of homemade goodies to be shipped out to a few friends and family around the country.
    This morning I braved the elements ( wind chill making it feel like single digits ) to walk down to the post office about a half mile from my place of employment. I arrive to find out that they don't open until 10:00. So, I turn around and head to Walgreens, hoping they'll have the size box I need and to grab some bubblewrap and packing tape. No box, so I head on back down to the post office and arrive exactly at 10:00.

    Five people in line before me, the lights are turned on shortly after I walk in the door. I find my box and get in line. Waiting .... waiting ... a few comments about why the USPS is doing so bad financially ... waiting ... waiting ...

    The Federal worker behind the counter comes out from the back room and is busy doing something. A snobby bitch-like look on her face, she finally announces that she has to go through the mail and her counter won't be open for another 15 minutes. She also announced that if anyone had a complaint, she had a number that we could call. I immediately stepped forward and said "yes, I'll take that number!". She handed me a card and I walked out the door irritated and boxless.

    In years past, I have brought my gift baskets to the UPS store paying more than I'd like to ship my goodies out. This year I decided to go with do-it-myself packing and save a little $$$. Ha! Wrong-O! The price to ship through UPS is so much more worth it than the aggravation I got from the USPS.

    Okay ... I'm done bitching.
    Anyone else have a USPS story they'd like to share?

    I did find out ... after the fact ... that the particular location I went to this morning, will be closing in the not-so-distant future.

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