The Undefeated

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    Y Cae Ras
    Big fan of John Wayne and this is a stand out of his most successful period.

    You have all seen it so I am not going to do a plot breakdown.

    A few talking points though.

    1. Wayne turns his back on the US army and sells his horses to the Mexicans. There are reasons for this but it doesnt sit well alongside his criticism of Gary Cooper in Hugh Noon.

    2. Did Hollywood help to heal the rift between the states by making such non judgemental films.
    The only black character is a slave on Rock Hudsons plantation and Hudson makes a nauseating gesture to him.

    "This is ma Daddys watch sambo. He wood want you 2 haiv it".

    3. The Juaristas are portrayed as baddies and Maximillion is given a free pass.

    But apart from that it works well and is a solid western. There is an optimism about it, things will get better and as Wayne says: "We are all Americans".

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