The secret of a happy marriage

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    I was eighteen, I was working as a waitress and served a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. I was struck by their qualities. They were very attractive. They were radiant and obviously still in love.

    I asked them. What is the secret of your happy marriage?

    They paused thoughtfully, and then Flo spoke up. She said; 'we'd both sown our wild oats. We knew alot about different kinds of people and knew exactly who we were looking for.

    Sam added; we each had a career and were successful. And finally, when I proposed to Flo we asked each other. Imagine looking at this face from across the breakfast table 50 years from now. Can you imagine that you will still be this happy?

    Those three conditions, Flo said. Are our secret.

    I never forgot that and I followed their advice. It's worked for me.

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