the seasons of history

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    Sometimes I think I'm the only man on earth that read that book. It was a bestseller about seven years ago.
    Some of its generational , mythic nonsense was easy to skip over......but the turmoil in the world at this time and the emergence of conservatism in us as well as in our enemies is startling. There are four seasons of history traceable to the time of the Etruscans, in the bible in Ecclesiates.
    I often have tried to think of what or who the war, pestilence, the seasons forecast would be. Was it to be an American class stuggle fueled civil war? Too piciune, other than the spoutings of the loony left and their pet puppies the main stream media; THERE IS NONE.
    Perhaps then a jihad turn about with us turning our polished guns against the ultimate have nots of the middle east. Those whose governments have been unimaginably enriched without lifting a finger and whose credo of control keeps their people unskilled and uneducated beyond belief. (The per capita wealth is high but the poor capita doesnt know he's wealthy).
    Could it be just a shift of equilibrium. Like a huge chemistry experiment the fizzles all are anti fizzled and the world returns like in bad science fiction to lots fewer people and pristine virgin woods. Is there too much Western society and civilization? Are we too far left of the democracy we have nurtured for these short two hundred years.
    Whereas Nature abhors a vacuum and fills it quickly, it will stifle the biggest waves, absorb the greatest quake and digest the explosion of Krakatoa all in due time.
    And yet war it shall have to be according to the authors of the 4th Turning, and war it shall be again in eighty years after if there are combatants that survive. Think of how you are compelled to act by the very flesh you are made of. The God of our fathers seems to have set it up this way.
    Creepy, that the nations of the world all crave the bomb. It is the nuclear explosion after all that triggers the thermonuclear. Edward Teller's nightmare. The 4th Turning. The rumor of Nemisis; the sun's evil , yet invisible orbiting twin. Are we humans the mechanism for that fusion?........Nah

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