The Scorpion: Capitalism Relic (Detective-Kit)

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    This is a capitalism-prescription (for modern problem surgery) inspired by Casino.

    I want TrumpUSA to feel like a game. Anyone else feel the same way?



    "My name is Mac Gargan. I used to be a 'normal' person until a terrible mutation transformed me into the agile and lethal civilization-menace I am today, a creature known simply as the 'Scorpion.' I have corrosive acid in my tail which I shoot like a poisonous weapon. I am the ultimate 'Relic of Capitalism' because I remind civilization of the frailties of competitive behaviours confounded by the natural problem of ruthless ambition.

    I was arrested and detained in the Oscorp science-institution by the heroic webbed-superhuman known as 'Spider-Man.' Yes, Spider-Man is a half-spider, while I, as I've explained, am a semi-scorpion. Spider-Man's web-soaring proved to challenging for my brand of wall-climbing venom. It was Spider-Man who turned me over to Oscorp so I could provide society insights into the bio-psychological signature of anti-social behaviors (e.g., terrorism).

    Oscorp intends to use my 'profile' to release a home-detective game-kit for Americans tuning into my TV broadcasts (direct from Oscorp headquarters in NYC). As I make my speeches and presentations on television, audiences watching comfortably at home can use the Oscorp-Scorpion home-detective game-kit to design elaborate capitalism-governance and city-building simulations scenarios (e.g., a new casino being planned in Vegas) to better understand how furious ambition confounds 'normal' capitalism.

    You can therefore say that I, Mac Gargan (aka, 'the Scorpion'), have become something of a 'civilization role-model,' using my personal experiences with mutation, transformation, and criminal-insanity to instruct future generations how to temper fury with social norms. Oscorp feels this is the best and only way to have me reintegrate back into sane society (albeit through TV broadcasts from my Oscorp rehabilitation-incarceration chamber). Here is a sample broadcast from my cell (recorded for Thanksgiving):

    Greetings, American TV-watchers. I am the Scorpion and welcome to another session of my rehabilitation-broadcasts sponsored by Oscorp and the NYPD. I was detained here by your hero, Spider-Man, and now Oscorp wants me to use my 'knowledge' of anti-social instincts to guide audiences at home eager to 'dissect' capitalism-theory (and modern problems!) using the home-detective game-kits Oscorp mailed to you loyal viewers(!).

    Today, we talk about Thanksgiving, the annual American holiday commemorating the breaking-of-bread between different peoples in this great and varied land we call the USA. Every Thanksgiving, friends and family of various ethnic backgrounds gather and share turkey and other hearty foods and celebrate the spirit of American hospitality and domestic-values in general! Thanksgiving has also come to symbolize general American optimism towards pluralism and the comforts of home, which is why Black Friday (the annual shopping-day following Thanksgiving) completes this iconic holiday.

    On Black Friday 2017, 300 Sufi Muslims were killed in a mosque in Egypt, most likely by the fundamentalist-Muslim terrorist-group known as ISIS. Was ISIS sending America the message that Black Friday vanities are being watched suspiciously by anti-American minds? Is Black Friday a day of no particular civilization security regarding pedestrian traffic/commerce? Perhaps ISIS did not want to directly send any message about Black Friday, but the murder of the 300 Sufi Muslims on Black Friday 2017 should remind us that commerce is always destabilized by terrorism.

    That's why for this Thanksgiving-broadcast from Oscorp, I want you to pull out your Oscorp-Scorpion home-detective game-kits and design scenarios in which commerce in a simulated town (or city!) is destabilized by random violence, turbulence, terrorism, crime, infrastructure-failures, or even governance errors. We'll think of how to react to such calamities and when to determine if psychological yoga is necessary to curb the frustrating forces of capitalism-labyrinth impatience. Was 9/11 a sign of global impatience with capitalism?

    I want you to use your special commerce-destabilization scenario to evaluate how 9/11 has forever altered the world's sense of security regarding the safe thruways of commerce. When the World Trade Center in NYC was destroyed, American politicians realized terrorism threatens globalization more than the Black Plague threatened exploration in the Era of Europe. So that is the game-lesson from this Thanksgiving broadcast. Good evening.'

    So that was my sample-broadcast, from Thanksgiving 2018. As you can see, Oscorp wants Americans to carefully consider what can and can not be learned from criminal-insanity and the retaliatory frustration with modern complicated capitalism. Oscorp believes the lessons learned from my 'personal tragedy' can help others to better understand 'capitalism-repentance.' evil revealing (in a capitalism-world)?"



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