The return of Magna Mater

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    What underlies the ruling European consciousness, today, is a collective mother complex. It represents the return of Magna Mater. An all-embracing relativism permeates the discourse. Central to the relativistic perspective is that there is no essential problem with anything. There is no essential problem connected with immigration to Europe. There is no problem connected with the mixing of ethnicities. There is no problem with overpopulation in the world. There is no problem with our environment-costly lifestyle. There is no problem with dwindling resources. There is no problem with the modern relation between the sexes. There is no essential problem with the changed role of woman. There is no problem with homosexuality. There is no problem with "free upbringing" of children. There is no problem with the economistic worldview. There is no problem with the euro currency. There is no problem with the incursion of alien value systems into Europe, i.e., 'sharia', etc., etc. Of course, the relativist can pay lip service to environmental concerns, etc., but he isn't really worried. He is the kind of person that sleeps well at night, like a little child in the bosom of the Mother.

    The whole point about the relativistic discourse is that there is no essential problem with anything. But what kind of place is this, where there exists no problems? The answer is: The Garden of Eden. It is the Motherly Paradise, where we all may rest safely in the lap of God. It is the safe Kindergarten, where everything is taken care of by Mother, and we don't have to bother about any problems.

    However, there are traitors to this idea, who have sneaked into the Garden. Such a person might say,: "Oh, by the way, we have a problem!" This person is thought to be the devil, the Serpent in the Garden, who is out to destroy the wonderful illusion by pointing out that we have serious problems to deal with. So these persons, i.e. the intellectuals who can think independently, are treated like they were devils, Hitler-personalities. They evoke immense anger as they time and again puncture the illusion of the Motherly Paradise.

    So the relativist perspective is predicated on a collective mother complex. Relativists are always trying to make people understand that there is no essential problem with anything, except those people who say that there are problems, and who are therefore treated as devils.

    The African immigrants to my country thrive on this ideology. The biggest immigrant group are the Somalis. According to the latest figure, 82%(!), are unemployed. They lead a good life and beget many children. They get 1.5 years full pay for every child, also for children born outside Sweden. So they make a living by making children. They get so much benefits so it doesn't pay to take a job. In fact, their economy could be worse by taking a job, as they lose certain benefits. If they want a raise they can import a new Somali child, and then they will get 1.5 years pay, although the child isn't their own. (The immigration authorities have discovered such cases.) Families are so big so sometimes they need help with them. So Swedish maids must go home to them, cooking, cleaning, etc. This service is, of course, at public expense.

    Of course, the Africans love it. They thrive. Allegedly, there is no essential problem with this, namely the fact that the worst misfits in society are those that have the best opportunities to create big families. Those who point this problem out are stigmatized as Nazis, true devils, right-wing extremists. So this is the intellectual discourse of the Mother country. It is deplorable. The relativists are taking over all the important positions in society. Virtually all the journalists are worshippers of Magna Mater, and they reason like this: "There can be no problem. Those who say that there are problems are the only problems. They are liars, devils."

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