The REAL reason for the firesale of Khali Mack,Amari Cooper,and Derik Carr next

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    to no surprise,you of course dont hear any of this reported by ESPN or the mainstream media. They dont want you to know the problems of the vegas deal. They want you to think everything is going smoothly.

    Not saying this will stop the raiders from going to vegas by any means at all. Just that this stadium has lots of holes in it. None of these problems emerged in the Inglewood project either,just keep that in mind. also remember the same experts that tried to tell the NFL the chargers move to LA would be a disater ALSO correctly have called this deal the worst stadium deal in sports is just one of MANY of the problems the media is not reporting.

    The Pay-Go Revenue To Oakland Raiders For Stadium Is Less Because Of The Tax Revenue Problem

    The target monthly revenue for the bond issue is $4,500,470.38, and, again, the average hotel stadium tax revenue is -$517,103.70 below that number. But when we look at the rolling average hotel stadium tax revenue since the first time the tax money was collected March of 2017, we find that for most of the 19 months of revenue collection, those dollars have been less than the average $4,500,470.38 in monthly revenue the bond needs. The last time there was enough money to cover that was April of 2017.

    In other words, this deficit problem has existed and yet no Clark County Official knew of it, or if they did, said anything about it – just continued toward making sure the bond issue was done on April of this year, 2018, and so the interested parties could collect their fees attached to what were bond proceeds of $647 million. This happened while it’s clear that deal was struck, and what would appear to be in violation of Nevada Senate Bill One. The nature of the problem is such that it spills over onto the very operation of the Oakland Raiders – and explains (in part) why star players Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper were let go.

    The Pay-Go
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