The Quality staff at the BBC

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    BBC shows staff how to walk through door

    LONDON, (AFP) - Staff at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have been given instructions on how to walk through a door, a tabloid newspaper reported.

    The Sun, Britain's biggest selling daily newspaper, reported that workers at the global broadcaster's offices in Birmingham had been issued with a memo advising them on how to get through a revolving door.

    An email, sent to 800 staff -- complete with matchstick man diagrams for ease of understanding -- comes after one worker trapped her foot in the new doors at the BBC's offices in Britain's second city, cracking a toenail, The Sun said.

    Without these instruction they might forget how to operate the door while
    they obsess over the US president. Because they are selected for their left wing ideology and not for competence this memo should help them to make
    it through life without hurting themselves or even worth others.

    Next weeks memo: How to brush your teeth

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