The Pummelo/large green grapefruit.

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    Pummelo | Melissa's Produce

    <The Pummelo (pronounced pom-EH-loh), a distant relative of the grapefruit, is sweeter, firmer and less juicy. Grown in subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world, as well as the citrus growing areas of the U.S. Native to Southeast Asia, and a favorite in China for thousands of years, the Pummelo comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, although the shape is almost always like that of a pear. Covered with a thick, easy-to-peel rind that ranges in color from yellow to pink, the Pummelo contains a pink flesh. The juicy flesh is sweet in flavor and can be enjoyed like a grapefruit. The Pummelo is sometimes called shaddock, named after an English sea captain who first introduced seeds of the fruit to the West Indies. The skin and white pith of the Pummelo can be candied as a traditional Chinese treat. Delicious in fruit, vegetable, and seafood salads.>

    Selection, Storage & Handling

    $3.59/Kroger--not worth the trouble. mostly rind. go with regular grapefruit--white or red.

    The Pummelo seems a bit less acidic, jmo.
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