the Politics of Pretending to be Poor: the 3P's

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    Ok before we get into this topic, let me say that I can speak on being poor. I grew up dead fucking broke. me and my siblings went through numerous winters with cracked/broken windows in the apartment freezin our asses off but still had to go to school the next day. We even had to share 1-2 oufits between 3 boys. our sister made out like a champ since she was a girl, she never had to share shit. but all her shit still came from Goodwill and garage sales. So I know about being Poor. BUT, therre are a shitload of people in this very country that pretend to be poor.

    YOu know the kind. they cry a river for food stamps and WIC but they got on $200 sneakers, wearing Polo and Ralph Lauren and driving an Escalade outside, complete with 2-3 kids dressed up cleaner than their mama, and even mama got another bun in her belly and even the kids got gold grills like their daddy. and Race don't matter, white or black. I've seen these types in person. Even sat next to em at the Welfare office with my mama...While me looking like a runaway slave with holes in my sneakers and toes showing and MY mama looking like she just got outta prison, hair are messed up, wrinkled blouse, an an empty purse with no money in it. just a DL and a couple tampons.

    Yeah, you've seen em. and me and siblings saw them everyday too. some of them lived in our apartment complex.

    This is why I want Welfare cut back or put term limits on it. Because it's a LOT of
    "Poverty Ballers" out there gaming the system and it hurts us all. and I can't stand em.

    But this is just one thing that's broken about this Economy.

    Sound off if you can relate to what I'm talking about here. :clap2:
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