The Palestinian Media and Incitement

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    Israel Radio interviews PMW director Itamar Marcus on incitement

    E.B.N: Itamar Marcus, do you believe that if a courageous [Palestinian] leader would come - perhaps someone like Anwar Sadat, and he would change the terminology, and would say the opposite: "This is the state of the Jewish people, they are our neighbors, we must respect them, they have archaeological remains here," etc., etc. The very fact that they live under a non-democratic regime would help the leader to change the motif, the narrative, and the public would, accordingly, go along with him.

    Marcus: I believe that a different narrative, over years, would change their positions, and I want to point out a very important survey that shows to what extent the positions have changed over years negatively due to hate promotion. Palestinians were asked: "Do you recognize Israel's right to exist?" Among the oldest group, those over the age of 50, more than 50% recognized Israel's right to exist. But among the youngest group, between 18 and 25, 92% did not recognize Israel's right to exist. The older people, who had lived in contact with Israel, who had lived before all the hate education and systematic terror attacks - they recognize Israel's right to exist, but the younger ones, who receive only the education of the PA, don't. That's why I say, just as they poisoned them with hatred, one could also carry out a reverse process of -

    Source is Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli organization that tracks the Palestinian media, so of course it may have it's own agenda - however, looking at the results of the answers coming from different age groups - it raises a questions for the future.


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