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Discussion in 'Economy' started by william the wie, Apr 3, 2011.

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    The economic assumptions of the right and left do not seem to connect to reality in my opinion. For example both assume the US is likely to go under due to our funded and unfunded liabilities but that requires ignoring reality. The EU and Far East are both in far deeper trouble in terms of funded and unfunded liabilities than the US. The US is the best of the worst. So if the world slips into a double dip flight to safety will aid the US.

    That sounds to me like the US sinking slowly until something breaks in either the EU or Far East but will the US be in a position to take advantage of this break? I don't think so. Over the past 40 years the Democratic party has been screwing itself with idiotic reapportionment strategies that are nearly suicidal. It has survived solely because of the world class hypocrisy and corruption of the GOP. Even with the GOP splitting in two with the Tea Party going one way and the traditional GOP another way the odds of the Ds surviving the 2021 reapportionment as a viable national party looks extremely bleak. CA depoliticizing reapportionment in the last election while GOP governors neuter public service unions makes it unlikely that D fundraising and get out the vote efforts will be up to par in 2012 and will likely get worse thereafter.

    So what economic effects are likely to follow?

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