The Order

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Dan, Mar 3, 2004.

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    This movie seems to think that hanging lots of crosses everywhere and having everyone talk like extremely well-educated theologians will make a good religious/mystery movie. The plot changes nearly every scene, but not in a good way, more in a sense that they just said, 'okay, this plot's going nowhere, let's try something else'. It has so many plot holes, I stopped caring early on (a girl escapes a mental institution, and the next day boards a plane from NYC to Rome WITH THE GUY WHO POLICE JUST QUESTIONED ABOUT HER ESCAPE THE NIGHT BEFORE!!!!) and literally fell asleep twice. This is one of those movies where every action moment in the movie is packed into the trailer to make it look more exciting than it is. I don't know, if you like watching people sit in dark rooms and recite dialogue that they don't understand or just don't care about, you might like this. I give it 0 stars out of 5.

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